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Google takes you to any place on the earth through virtual reality

Virtual Reality to take you to any address in the world

The new feature of google earth Virtual reality allows the user to visit different places in the world through the VR Headset.When user enters the address or place name he wants to visit google will show the visual of that place.

google,google earth,google earth in 3dUsing this newly updated google earth feature you can visit your favorite places through vr headset. Many people want to visit their childhood days places. Many of them want to revisit the place favorite vacation spot, so they can take advantage of this technology.

Know we can visit 27 handpicked locations that are now available on Google Earth VR, including Neuschwanstein Castle that inspired the castle in Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty”, Table Mountain in South Africa and the Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina.

Five new things you can do with Google Earth


google earth,google earth into vrThe newest release of Google Earth, you can view, well, the whole world in 3D. When you search for a location, a clickable 2D/3D button appears on the lower right-hand corner of the screen, giving you a quick and easy way to look at your destination in another dimension.


Visit Your favorite place
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mobile is vr compatible,mobile is vr supported

How to check your mobile is vr supported or not ?

Procedure to check whether your mobile is vr supported or not

1.Check for the Feature called gyroscope sensor in your mobile if that feature is present in your mobile then your mobile is vr supported.In most of the mobiles, it is unable to find that feature, in that case, follow the second step.

2.If you’re unable to find the gyroscope sensor feature in your mobile you can go the play store and download the cardboard app. If the cardboard app gets install on our mobile then your mobile is vr supported or compatible.

3.Mobiles like Lenovo has inbuilt vr mode by just switching to the vr mode you can enjoy vr experience.

After you find your mobile is vr supported

You need a good vr headset for your mobile to get an immersive experience. Virtual reality is a wonderful technology, everyone should experience the VR. You can get an immersive experience through google cardboards and plastic vr headsets.

Before you buy a vr headset you need to consider some points

1.Lens : Lenses play the major role in giving an awesome vr experience. Check for the lenses are of good quality or not, at least the lenses should be of 42MM HD and it should have blu ray coating. If you go for the cheap quality lenses which are less in price your eyes will get affected.

2.Lens adjustment: The product should have the lens adjustment so that we can adjust the lenses as per our convenience. Everyone will not have the same eyesight. Different people will like different viewing angle.

3.Mobile Compatibility: Check whether the product will accommodate your mobile or not (i.e upto what size vr headset can accommodate 4.7 inches to 6 inches mobiles )

4.Heat dissipator: Heat dissipator is very important, as we keep using the vr headset the mobile will get heated up due to more battery consumption.This heat dissipator will reduce the overheating of your mobile.

5.Headstrap adjustment: To adjust the vr headset correctly as per your head size and comfort levels you need head strap adjustment.

Irusu VR Headsets have all the mentioned features mentioned above.

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