About Irusu VR Company

Incorporated in 2014, Irusu Technologies pioneers in VR and AR technologies and is one of the first movers in this space.Being the first VR company in India, Irusu strongly believes in Research and Development, with constant innovation in the fields of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality.

Irusu is one of the first companies to start manufacturing VR headsets and VR content development in Hyderabad in India. Now we are the fastest growing company in Virtual Reality sector.
1. Irusu is into online sales and wholesale distribution of VR Headsets and its services.
2. Irusu is also into development of advanced VR and AR gadgets, adapting to new VR and AR technology.
3. Irusu strives to educate masses on Virtual Reality and spread awareness

Irusu VR Company achievements so far include:

1. First company in India to launch its own google cardboard VR headset.
2. First VR headset india to be used in RealEstate by commonfloor.com( Retina )
3. First Sports related VR App developed in India for Star Sports Pro Kabaddi.
4. A leader in providing customized branded Google cardboards in India working with top Brands.
5. Pioneer in providing latest VR headsets with the newest technology, ever evolving in the fields of VR.
6. India’s one of the first comprehensive VR Apps library “Irusu VR Zone ” released on Google
Play store that has all the latest and hottest VR Apps, carefully categorized for different VR
users from its in house VR experts.


Future planing of irusu vr company:
Irusu believes in educating VR than promoting VR , as we believe that as an upcoming brand in
India, we need to make people understand the new technology than forcing it on to the end
By providing complete VR solutions to our Clients and buyers, Irusu wants to spearhead VR movement in India.
Our evolution is in process and we can only get better, adapting to the ever changing
marketing conditions.