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PLAYVR – VR Headset 42mm Lenses

  • ADVANCED PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY: Lenses using vacuum ion plating refining, capable of blocking electromagnetic radiation and no side effects on vision. use HD optical resin lenses, 8-layer nano-coating, 5 times polishing. Reducing deformity and glare, effectively preventing visual fatigue, restore 3D reality under the broad vision, reproduction lossless virtual reality world
  • MORE APPLICATION: more than 300 virtual reality apps on Apple App Store and Google Play Store for you download to enjoy shocking 3D effect,You can experience the immersive, fun and exciting world of VR,Compatible with Android and iOS 4 – 5.9 inch screen( without external phone case ).
  • BETTER RESULTS: It is adjustable on pupil distance and object distance, Apply to 97% The crowd . It is perfect for people with Low myopia. You can get free from your glasses while enjoy the 3D movies or games with the head mounted display, bringing you better experience.
  • USER-FFRIDENDLY DESIGN:Comfortable headband, super face foam protector, ideal heat dissipating design Ventilation holes are convenient for inserting earphone and charging ,One second change your phone into IMAX cinema,just one step to VR world, let you enjoy 3D world at anywhere and anytime
  • COMPATIBILITY : The mobiles should have Gyroscope , accelerometer for head tracking.


Product Description

Play vr headset Discription:

Best play vr headsets features you need to know

  1. Lens: Without the quality lens, the viewing experience will be poor. The size of the lenses matters.Irusu play VR Headset has the best lens with upgraded 42mm adjustable lens.Best top vr headsets for mobiles in India.
  2. Field Of View (FOV): The viewing angle should be at least 90 degrees. This helps you in giving you theatrical experience.Irusu play vr headset have the best FOV.
  3. Adjustability: We all have different face structures, so unless the Inter Pupillary Distance (IPD) is adjustable, it would be tough to get the clear quality vision. Also, the usage should be easy.Irusu play vr headset have the adjustability feature.
  4. Weight: Choose VR headset with as light weight as possible (preferably less than 350 gm). When used with your smartphone, the weight will increase.
  5. Smartphone compatibility: Most of the VR headsets are compatible with any smartphone of size 4–6 inch.Mobiles which has gyroscope sensor are compatible with VR headsets.For mobiles with 6.5 inches irusu mini vr is the best suitable headset.
  6. Headstrap: Irusu  VR headset has the adjustable ergonomic head strap which helps you in head tracking while viewing VR/360 degree videos/apps.
  7. Look and feel: buy a trendy and smart looking VR device.Irusu vr headsets are trendy and make you feel comfortable.
  8. Heat dissipation: Unless there is good ventilation, your smartphone gets heated up fast. Irusu vr headsets comes with good ventilation.It has removable planned.
  9. QR code: For viewing VR videos on Youtube, you’ll need a QR code to suit the VR headset.Irusu vr headsets have the QR code.
  10. VR app: Irusu vr has its own VR APP ZONE which has all the VR content.Get this app at


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Got something to discuss?

7 months 26 days ago

What is fov on player vr

7 months 26 days ago

FOV depends on lot of factors like screen size used, distance between screen and lens etc. For Playvr it can be tentatively from 90-105 degrees

7 months 14 days ago

does it support 6.5 inch phones such as mi max?

7 months 14 days ago

Mi max can be supported by Irusu Minivr only.

7 months 14 days ago

Yes.Only Mini vr headset supports mobiles with 6.5 inches screen.

Vimal kumar
7 months 13 days ago

Is it compatible with lenevo vibe k5 note?kindly tell me the difference between the ANT VR (Designed for Lenovo K5 Note) and IRUSU VR Head Sets?

7 months 13 days ago

Yes it is compatible with Lenovo k5 note. Default Lenovo is an open end VR that has a big flaw of light being casted on screen which is not good for immersive VR. On top of that our headset includes much better resin lenses.

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