Top 5 Best Augmented reality and Virtual reality Apps For Android and IOS (2022)

Augmented reality and Virtual reality

I consider my self to be an augmented reality and virtual reality TECH fanatic and after considerable use i present to you the list of

Best Augmented reality and virtual reality apps For android/IOS (2020- 2021) :

1.pokemon go- The sensational Pokemon Go remains one of the best augmented reality games you can play right now. Pokemon Go transforms the real world into augmented reality where you can interact with your favourite pokemons you grew up get to play as a Trainer and you are off on an adventure to catch as many pokemons as you can and build an impressive list of badges you earn by of the best AR games in my opinion.

2.Ingress– Another hit by Niantic studio released back in 2012 and still popular among gamers.This game is very engaging to The audience as it has a substancial and interesting plot.There are two factions 1.The Enlightened 2.The Resistance .The Enlightened want to capture the dark energy and use it to control mankind.the resistance want to stop the enlightened from human submergence

The Machines -If you’re looking for a fun multiplayer title, look no further than The Machines. A very engaging multiplayer game where you can compete against your family member and friends.This game turns a flat surface into a battle field and there are various machines which you can use to compete against one another. Gamers aim to take down various towers across the map on their way to an enemy base

Best AR apps :

4.Stack ARStack AR is essentially AR Jenga. But instead of moving around Jenga blocks on your kitchen table,. This AR game is A Great alternative to traditional jenga game where in you don’t have to worry about moving physical wooden can use your living room floor as your game surface. stack virtual blocks as high as you can. A basic and fun game to get a first hand experience of AR technology

5.Sketch AR-We all consider ourselves to be an artist at heart. we’ve all tried to give painting and sketches a shot at some stage of our life.sketch AR helps us to create visuals and drawings via AR technology. SketchAR is essentially AR tracing — plot a couple of circles on a piece of paper and choose a sketch, and SketchAR will project that image onto the paper, allowing you to trace around it. It’s not exactly tracing, as you’ll struggle to properly match the lines perfectly, but it works very well if you’re looking to practice specific drawing techniques.


These apps would be a great Segway into your first hand experience of Augmented reality and Virtual reality technology. Although there are many AR/VR Box’s around our product IRUSU Monster vr and IRUSU Player plus are great VR boxes for an optimal price check out our products and maybe try these ar apps and games on our headsets. we’ll keep updating the Best AR Games/Apps For android/IOS (2019)

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