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How to use irusu soundbee Wireless bluetooth earphones

How to use Irusu SoundBee?

Irusu SoundBee is one of the advanced & very user-friendly Wireless Bluetooth Earphones in the market.

Charging Up SoundBee

  1. Plug the USB charging cable into the right side USB charging port of SoundBee.
  2. When charging begins, the LED indicator light will be red.
  3. When the battery is fully charged, the LED indicator light will be blue.

When the Battery is Low

When you hear the voice prompt “Battery Low”, please charge your SoundBee Bluetooth Neckband Headphones.Battery meter on iPhone and other iOS devices.


Charge SoundBee before your first use.

  • You should recharge SoundBee if it has not been used for more

then 12 months.

  • Use only the included USB charging cord to charge SoundBee.

Multifunction Button

Answer/End/Reject/Transfer calls; Mute; Play/Pause Music; Redial; Factory Reset.

Turning SoundBee on/off

To turn SoundBee on

Slide down ON/Off Switch. The blue LED light flashes with a voice prompt. The headphones are now turned on.

To turn SoundBee off:

Slide up ON/Off Switch. The red LED light flashes with a voice prompt. The headphones are now turned off.

Parring SoundBee with Mobile

  1. After turning on the SoundBee, the LED light flashes in red and blue with a voice prompt “Pairing” in about 10 seconds. NBees is now in pairing mode. Or manually press MF button for 5 seconds after turning on SoundBee, until LED light flashes in red and blue with a voice prompt “Pairing”.
  2. Activate Bluetooth function on your mobile phone.
  3. Set your phone to discover SoundBee.
  4. If password or PIN-code is required, confirm with 0000.

Pairing with SoundBee with Second mobile phone

SoundBee supports multipoint technology, which means that it can be paired and connected with two Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones and use at the same time.

  1. Activate Multipoint function: When SoundBee is turned on and not connected with any devices, short press the MF button and Volume Down Button Simultaneously. 
  2. Pair and connect SoundBee with the first mobile phone.
  3. Turn off the Bluetooth function of the first mobile phone and SoundBee.
  4. Turn on SoundBee and pair with the second mobile phone.
  5. Turn off SoundBee.
  6. Turn on the Bluetooth function on the first mobile phone.
  7. Turn on SoundBee again and it will automatically connect to the first mobile, then manually connect the SoundBee with a second mobile phone (some mobiles can be automatically connected).

Making Calls

Once SoundBee is successfully connected to your mobile, you can use it to make and receive calls. The headphones can be used with voice dialing if your mobile phone supports this feature. Please consult your mobile phone’s manual for more information.

Voice Dialing: Press MF button about 2 seconds and dial by speaking contact’s name after hearing the voice prompt “Voice Dial”.

Normal Dialing: Enter and dial the number on your mobile phone as you normally do. Once the call has been set up, the sound will be transmitted to your headphones automatically.

Redial: Double click MF button to redial the last number you called.

Answering/ Ending/ Rejecting Calls

When the headphones are turned on and connected with the mobile phone, and there is an incoming call, you will hear a musical tone.

-Press MF button to answer the call.

-Press MF button to end the call.

-Long press MF button for 2 seconds to reject the call.


During phone calls, short press both MF and Volume up button simultaneously with a “beep” to put a call on mute. Repeat the step above to un-mute the device.

Voice Broadcast Function

SoundBee supports voice prompts and reading an incoming number.

Transferring calls

To transfer a call to the mobile phone, press the MF button about 2 seconds and the blue LED light flashes with a voice prompt “transfer audio”. If you want to transfer the call back to SoundBee, press MF button for 2 seconds again. More procedures may be involved in some mobile phones.

Put the call on hold

Double click MF button to put the current call on hold and accept the call waiting.Double click MF button to put the second call on hold and resume the first call.

Adjusting the Volume

You can increase/decrease the volume by adjusting the Volume Up/Volume Down button of SoundBee or your mobile phone. Press Volume Up button to increase the volume, Press Volume Down button to decrease the volume.

Play/Pausing the Music

Press the MF-button to play or pause music.

Long press Volume Down button for 2 seconds to play next song;

Long press Volume Up button for 2 seconds to play the previous song.

Connecting with PC or PDA

You can connect SoundBee with a Bluetooth-enabled PC or PDA that supports headphones or hands-free profiles. Please refer to the user manual of your Bluetooth-enabled PC or PDA for setup information.

Factory Reset

When SoundBee is turned on and not connected with any devices, press MF button and Volume Up button simultaneously for 5 seconds, the LED light flashes in red and blue with a voice prompt “power off”, now the factory reset is successful.

SO here is how you can use irusu SoundBee.



Personalized Unique Corporate Gifts

As we know “little drops of water make the big ocean”, In the same way, a company is nothing without the hard work of its employees. Rewarding their hard work with some corporate gifts brings smiles to their faces and there will be a progress in their work.

Corporate Gifting Ideas

Corporate_Gifting_ideas_Image_Slider_SizeCorporate gifts help to build a strong bond between employees and company. If we google “Corporate Gifting Ideas” many results will pop up showing different suggestions. And you can choose a better from it.

VR Headset Business Gifts Ideas


But If you are looking for a huge discount as you are purchasing bulk products you need to directly deal with the product manufacturer rather than the gifting company, As they tend to provide a very less margin of discount.

Promotional Gifts


Where can I find the manufacturing company for that particular gifts?

If you do a little research on it then you will definitely find the manufacturer.

If you are looking to buy something unique and useful for your employees then you have to try Irusu Virtual reality & Augmented reality headset.

Unique Corporate gifts For your Employees

Irusu is one of the largest Virtual Reality & augmented reality hardware Devices seller in India with over 1 million customers. Irusu is the only company in India which got certified by Google to manufacture google cardboard.

Virtual Reality Headsets for Branded Corporate Gifts

Branded Corporate Gifts

Why Virtual reality headsets?

Virtual reality headset the future of Screens. These headsets are enjoyed by all the age groups. It can be used for playing games, education & to experience the unexplored places. Irusu is powering the mobile VR headset with a reasonable price range.

Can I buy a different product from Irusu?

Yes, we recently launched Irusu SoundBee wireless Bluetooth earphones with passive noise cancellation and solid bass & Irusu fast car charge with Qualcomm Quick charger 3.0 & Smart IC technology.

SoundBee Wireless Earphones Gifting


Car Charger Unique Gifting Idea


Does Irusu have any clients?

We can proudly say that we supplied our VR & AR devices for over 50 clients & they were absolutely happy with our service.

Our Happy Corporate Clients


Best Wireless earphones under 3000

Best Wireless Earphones Under 3000

Best_Wireless_earphones_under_3000Music is a source of relation since from many ages. Listening to your favorite music can bring back the emotions, feelings, and Vibes in our heart & mind, it’s just like our life or our dreams are literally sung like a song.

Why do People love music?

Here are the five reasons why people love music:

Around the Neck Bluetooth

  • Around_the_neck_bluetoothAwesome Entertainment

People Spend a lot of money to listen to music and concerts. They do enjoy the time listening to music and having fun with their loved one. As we are seeing from ages people are crazy about pop stars and great singers. Music is the only form of entertainment which people feel touched.

Health Improvement

Even animals react positively to music. Music can help in Improving invasive procedures, restoring lost speech, reducing the side effects of cancer therapy, Aids pain relief, improving quality of life for dementia patients and more. I hope these proofs are enough to prove that much can cure diseases.

Around the Neck Headphones

  • Around_the_neck_headphonesImproved Concentration

This one you have to try on your own, mostly for students & office guys. There are many studies that prove music can improve your concentration and focus. Mainly the Indian classical music is one of the best music to improve your concentration.

Audio Headphones


  • audio_headphonesStress Relief

As we are known and we experienced it by our self too. Music can help in tackling the music in many ways. After all day hard work and stress in office and school people stay in the same mode even at home also, but we music is one of the best sources to relieve their stress.


What are the best sources to listen to the music?

Behind the Neck Bluetooth Headphones

behind_the_neck_bluetooth_headphonesThere have been many improvements made in the field of music listening sources like radio is improved into a walkman, A walkman is developed into a headset, headset into an earphone and now a major improvement which is an earphone into a wireless earphone or Bluetooth earphones.

So According to me wireless earphones or Bluetooth earphone is the best source for listening to music.

Why are Bluetooth earphones best source to listen to music?

Bass Headphones

Bass_headphonesPeople love to listen to music in their free time and when they are working out. But when we do certain activities normal earphones with wires completely form an obstacle to our activity. At this point, the Bluetooth earphone comes in handy. Just connect the earphones to your phone via Bluetooth and enjoy the music while efficiently doing your work.

Which is the best wireless or Bluetooth earphone?

Best Affordable Headphones

best_affordable_headphonesBut comparing many aspects of the current earphone technology Irusu Soundbee is one of the best Bluetooth earphones on the market. These are the following parameters which I have compared:

  • Sound Quality: It possesses high-resolution sound quality with a frequency response of 20HZ – 20KHZ. The solid bass of the earphones enhances the complete stereo experience to the listener.
  • Standby Time: Normally Bluetooth earphone runout of battery very quickly, But Irusu SoundBee Earphones last up to 10hrs.
  • Removable Battery: There are very few headsets in the market which offers a removable battery & so the if the battery dies we can charger the other battery, rather then losing hopes with the earphone. Irusu Earphone offers a removable battery with quick charger support.
  • The flexibility of the Earphones: neck band earphone sometimes are very uncomfortable to use, but irusu Bluetooth headsets are very flexible & comfortable to use .This is the Best Wireless earphones under 3000.
  • Best Bluetooth Headphones

best_bluetooth_headphonesI hope now you know why Irusu Soundbee is one of the best Bluetooth headsets on the market.

  • What is the best Bluetooth headset for both android & iPhone?

Irusu SoundBee supports for both Android & iPhone. This Wireless Bluetooth headset can pair with two devices simultaneously this technology is called multipoint technology.

  • What is the best Jogging Bluetooth headset?

Due to the constant movement of our body, the earphone may drop out of our ears or the wire of the headset keep juggling. Irusu Soundbee is perfect to use on your workouts, Jogging and any activity.

  • Are Bluetooth headsets safe to use?

Ás per research made by many scientists & Clinical Studies the radio frequency emitted by cordless phone is very lower than radio frequencies emitted by a mobile phone. And in the case, if Bluetooth headsets it is even lower.

For Example (let’s measure the effect in watts for easy understanding ):

  • Police walkie talkies emit up to 5W or more.
  • Older Mobile Phones up to 3W.
  • New Smart Phones up to 1W.
  • Wifi router up to 600mW.
  • Cordless phone – 200mW
  • Bluetooth Headset up to 0.001W

So This is the only Best Wireless earphones under 3000 with great features &  value for money.

Virtual reality headsets are a great source to watch movies, Play games and more. This SoundBee headset is one of the perfect matches for these virtual reality headsets.


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Here are some of the best Virtual Reality Headset at the best price:


What is the Best Car Charger?

Best Car charger in India 2018

These days, Smartphones and tablets are highly used for both work purpose and entertainment. But the problem is that the devices drain very quickly most of the time, At this point, portable Quick USB chargers come in handy. The quick charger can charge your smartphone in a matter of minutes & without affecting your device.


How does a car charger work?

Usually, the battery output of a car is 12.6V DC or 13.7 Dc which is very high for a small device. But the battery of a phone needs only 9v and 5v.At this point using USB 3.0 the 12v Dc step down to 9v & 5v DC. DC Chopper plays a key role by using the voltage regulators to regulate or step down the voltage. So with the help of Micro USB 3.0, the mobile is charged with a car battery.


3 Things to look for when you are buying a quick car charger

The technology is advancing every now and then. Smartphone firms are launching all new Qualcomm quick charge technology every year. This technology helps the smartphone to charge really quickly. Here are three things to look for:

– 12v Car Charger

A good charger can provide at least 2.1 Amps per USB port and a total of 4.2 Amps. But Irusu quick car charge provides you with 3.1 Amps per USB  and a total of 6.2 Amps. It can charge mostly all devices it may be Smartphone, Tablet, power bank or any other device.


– Car Charger Dual USB

Chargers with cable are really troublesome and most of the chargers these days car charger comes with an only single USB port. But Irusu car charger contains dual USB ports and can charge two devices simultaneously, without affecting both the devices.


– Universal Car Charger Compact-able Size

The charger must be really compactable and Irusu charger is one of the smallest chargers or designed to elevate the look of the car interior.


Irusu Quick car charger is one of the best car chargers in India, as it possesses a high charging quality without affecting the device.

Is using a car charger for an iPhone and Android mobiles harmful?

Often car chargers tend to affect your devices, but Irusu Quick Car charger is built in with multi protection system which will protect your device from overheating, over current, overcharging and short circuit.


What is the best car charger for mobiles or another device?

I suggest you Irusu Qualcomm Quick car charger which is the most reliable brand in the industry. It gives a warranty of 1 year.

Best-car-charger-for-mobileWhere can I find wireless car chargers?

Irusu chargers are available on almost all platforms like:


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What is Virtual Reality? Complete Guide for Virtual Reality(VR)

What is Virtual Reality?

Their is a simple answer for the question “what is virtual reality?”. The Term “Virtual Reality” it is near to reality. The word Virtual mean “near” and the term Reality off course means “what human experience in real world”.  So basically, virtual reality means close to reality or near to reality, which is a stimulation or computer-generated world.

what-is-virtual-reality?How does Virtual Reality work?

Virtual Reality is a three-dimensional computer-generated world or environment in which people can interact and can explore the environment. It is a virtual reality world for both adults and kids. The person in there can manipulate objects and can perform some series of activates exploring the world of stimulated reality. When every people search for what is virtual reality they really want to know how it exactly works.

virtual reality 3d box in indiaIts Applications:

Currently we are using virtual reality in certain section of our industries like:

  • Medicine
  • Architecture
  •  Manufacturing industries
  • Sports
  • Art
  • Entertainment

Best AR glasses for IOS and Android mobiles below 3000 rupeesBut it can be used in many sections of our society like We can work from home just sitting in office environment, as it will reduce the pollution in and the stress and strain faced by employees in the process of reaching to their office early.

Mainly this can be positively used in our education system as the interaction and experiencing with concepts of science, watching the history and travelling the world in virtual reality help the students to get to know their subject very well. As we know reading books are very boring for kids and it will become very easy to boost up their understanding process.

Will VR Stay for long?

Yes! It will, this is just a tip of ice burg in the Virtual reality technology. There is a long way to go, as it can bring a drastic change in the field of Medicine & Education.

Are their any apps or games available for Virtual reality?

There is a huge requirement of VR And AR app developers in the present situation. But we soon we can cover this gap as the awareness towards VR & AR is increasingly growing in the society. There are more the 300 app and Virtual world games in the app stores and play stores.
These are some of the useful app for Virtual Reality:

virtual reality headsets in india for mobilesWhat is the best headset for Virtual Reality?

There are very few brands in India which are of a great quality and gives a great user experience. The most important feature of a mobile phone to work with any virtual reality headset is availability of gyroscope feature in the mobile handset.

Irusu VR Headset is one of the most selling VR headsets in India. It is really very affordable and can use a wide range of mobile handset, with respect to size from 4.5 inches to 6.2 inches. It provides a great visual clarity and sound clarity. These are the following headsets under the brand of irusu.


Irusu Cardboard Headsets:

The Irusu Cardboard VR headsets are certified by google and also partnered with google. These headsets preferred by big brands like Star Sports, ARKA Media words, Life VR, Google and many more brands.

irusu google cardboard ,google cardboard box, 3d google cardboard boxIrusu Monster VR Headsets:

These headsets are sold like hot cakes, as people are really impressed with the quality and performance of the product. This Reality headset are compactable with wide range of mobile handsets. This headset comes with a Bluetooth remote, which is for free. In this Bluetooth remote you can adjust the sound of the game or video, you can play or pause the game or video.

Irusu monster vr headset,vr headset indiaIrusu Play VR Headset:

This VR headset is designed to design to give most realistic experience to the users. The built quality of the VR is really good as this was made with high quality plastic. A sound headset is installed in the VR headset give a complete reality experience without extra accessories.

High quality vr headset in india,vr headset india

I hope now you have found the answer for the question “what is virtual reality?”.Please comment below how would use like to use this virtual reality technology.


Best VR Box 3D Games for Android and iPhone


Best VR Box 3D Games for Android and iPhone

Here are some the Best VR box 3d Games Collection. Games are a traditional method of human beings to relax & to stay healthy and fit. As the technology is growing in a rapid phase the tradition of gaming is also growing with it.

The first video game was created by William Higinbotham and Robert Dvorak which was a tennis simulator game called Tennis for Two. That was the first display game developed on donner model 30 analog computer.

Times have changed, A rapid growth in the world of gaming has completely changed the traditional way of playing games. The first stage of development is PC gaming, then came Play Station gaming.

Now the world of gaming is ruled by Virtual reality gaming. It gives a completely a realistic experience to the player. People can actually become their favorite character in the game.


Best VR Box 3d Games for Android



BAMF VR is a puzzle solving game which is the best-downloaded game. It a simple & colorful game, It features a full 360-degree experience. This game requires a Bluetooth remote & a high-quality VR headset.Bamf is one of the best VR box 3d games ever

Chair in a Room



Chair in a room is a spooky hidden puzzle game which has a dark storyline, but spooky games are always interesting. This game is recommended as the one of the must-try game by google cardboard. I think you have to try it.


Minos Starfighter VR or End Space VR (iOS)



This game is also known as “’End Space”, I Hope some people can guess it why it is called so. This game is launched for Google Cardboard VR. You are the playing as space cop in the game & your duty is to shoot out all the bad guys in the outer space. The VR headset for this game is Irusu Cardboard VR headset, which is the only Indian brand to get certification from google.


Best VR 3D games for iPhone

Fractal Combat X



We all dream of becoming an Airforce pilot in our childhood. If you are the one who dreamt about it your dream can come true with this game. Fractal Combat is a freemium jet fighter Virtual reality game. This Game needs a remote to shoot, So as I suggested you Irusu Monster VR headset is the best VR headset for this game, as it gives away a Bluetooth remote for free.

InCell VR


This is a kind of Educational game, as in the game we need to explore the human & find the viruses and eliminate them from the human body. Yep, It sounds fun and at the same time educational too.

Roller Coaster

roller coaster


The most fun game in the world of VR. Roller coaster is one of the most downloaded & Popular game on the App Store. The reaction for this game on youtube is priceless. I strongly recommend you to try this game.

Human Anatomy 4D AR

Best AR glasses for IOS and Android mobiles below 3000 rupees

If you are looking something more educational, then human anatomy is one of the best Educational AR apps to educate kids or MBBS students everything about the human body in a most realistic manner. It is a free app Designed by Irusu & it has a strong positive reaction by people. This app may not be a part of best VR 3d games for Android and iPhone but it is a most downloaded app on app store. These are some of the best VR box 3d games.

If you are looking for the best VR experience while playing these games. So Here are some of the best VR Box Headsets in India:

I hope you’ve found this best VR 3D games for Android and iPhone interesting. Comment down below which is your favorite 3D VR game.

Fifa world cup 2018, watch fifa world cup in vr

Watch FIFA world Cup 2018 in VR

FIFA World Cup 2018 in VR from Russia

Could not make it to Russia for watching Fifa world cup 2018, don’t worry virtual reality technology is giving a chance to feel at the stadium through VR headsets.

Yes, its true know you can watch the FIFA football world cup  2018 in VR headsets and can feel like one among the audience in the stadium. All the football matches can be watched through the official BBC Sports VR.

We should say it’s a great move by BBC to enhance its coverage. Fox Sports VR app, as well as the Telemundo Desportes VR app, can be used by US-based users for watching World cup but both of which require authentication with your pay TV account information.

People from other countries can watch games in VR through the apps of local TV networks, including BBC Sport VR (the U.K). From PlayStation store, Sony PlayStation users can watch all the matches.

What all is required for watching the FIFA world cup 2018 in VR.

1.Supported VR APP

2.VR Headset

3.High-speed Internet Connection.

Buy the best  VR Headset 

Ipl 2018,live IPL in VR

Watch IPL 2018 live in VR

How to watch IPL 2018 live in VR on a mobile phone.

Ipl 2018,live IPL in VRThe much awaited and India’s largest sporting event is IPL.The Indian Premier League cricket is set to kick off from April 7th .It is the eleventh season of IPL and it is going to be even bigger than before as it can be viewed on virtual reality(VR) headsets in 360 degrees.

Now everyone can enjoy the IPL 2018 in complete 360 degrees by using the vr headset devices. Even this year start india owned hot star as an exclusive streaming partner for the IPL 2018.Hot star is broadcasting IPL 2018 live in a 360-degree view.

Video source from Business Today youtube channel.


Hotstar is available on all major platforms for downloading and for viewing

Watch ipl live on VR Headset from hotstarThe major platforms are Android, Android TV, and Amazon’s Fire Stick, as well as the Apple TV, and you can stream the matches on the web.To get unlimited access to the service’s catalog, along with live sporting action subscribe to the single ₹199 paid tier.

Visit this website to watch Vivo IPL 2018 in vr 360 – IPL in VR 

How to watch live cricket in VR headset in SBS mode.

Watch live ipl match in vr on mobile phone

Now you can watch live cricket in VR headset in side by side mode on the mobiles which have the inbuilt VR mode.

Most of the Lenovo mobiles have the inbuilt VR mode feature

Follow the steps to watch IPL  Live 2018 cricket match in vr headsets in SBS mode on Lenovo mobiles

Step 1> Go to settings

Step 2> In settings select the Feature option

Step 3> In Feature section you can find VR mode Switch, select the VR mode switch and turn ON the VR mode.

Step 4> Now open the Hotstar app and select the live streaming of IPL 2018.

Step 5> Now long press the power button and few options will be displayed on your screen among those options select the VR mode.

Step 6> Now you can place the mobile in the vr headset and can enjoy the live streaming in VR SBS mode.


Note: To get the better VR Experience watch the videos at the High quality(1080p)


In the same way, you may watch any video on Lenovo mobiles which has inbuilt VR mode.


Click Here to know how to use vr headset with android and ios mobiles

Buy Irusu VR Headsets and enjoy the IPL live streaming


irusu vr headset with remote in india

vr headset with remote in india,vr headsets in india

irusu virtual reality headset in india

vr headset in hyderabad india

3d vr headset with headphones in india

vr headset with headphones in india

irusu 3d vr headset in india

3d virtual reality headset in india,top quality vr headset in india

irusu mini 3d virtual reality headset in india

irusu vr headset in hyderabad india

Play vr virtual reality glasses in india

3d virtual reality headset with remote in india

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Best VR Headsets in india 2018 under 3000 rupees

Top best VR Headsets in India in 2018 under 3000 rupees


No: #1 Irusu Play VR Plus with headphones 

Irusu Play vr plus is the advanced virtual reality vr headset in India in 2018  with the following features.

It has adjustable headphones with a great sound quality.

Built in touch button for multiple purpose.

Volume controllers and play/pause buttons are added advantage

Ventilation unit helps your mobile from getting warm

The quality of the lens is superior ,you can get great immersive vr experience.


virtual reality headsets in india,best vr headsets in india 2018


No : #2 Irusu Monster VR Headset

Monster VR Headset is all time best vr headset with ultimate Quality lenses and other features.

42MM HD RESIN LENSES: These lenses are Polarized, calibrated and high light transmittance for superior and unmatched VR experience.

Monster VR is more immersive with Anti Fogging technology, larger FOV and reduced window effect.

FULLY ADJUSTABLE LENSES: It is adjustable on pupil distance and object distance with individual lenses for different eye sights .

Curved ergonomic design with stylish front bezel, super face foam protector,Human design Headstrap, ideal heat dissipating design Ventilation with removable front tray are added advantage.

You can watch all VR Contents like 3d side by side videos ,360 videos and normal videos. We can play vr supported games.

Free Remote is given with the vr headset




No : #3 Irusu Play VR 

Play VR headset can be called as middle age vr headset as it has basic functionalities which will be very useful while using the vr headset.


ONLY VR Headset in this category that is Optimized for Tons of Quality Google Cardboard Apps

Lenses made using vacuum ion plating refining, capable of blocking electromagnetic radiation and no side effects on vision. use HD optical resin lenses, 8-layer nano-coating, 5 times polishing. Reducing deformity and glare, effectively preventing visual fatigue, restore 3D reality under the broad vision, reproduction lossless virtual reality world

VR headset has adjustable on pupil distance and object distance, Apply to 97% The crowd . It is perfect for people with Low myopia. You can get free from your glasses while enjoy the 3D movies or games with the head mounted display, bringing you better experience.

Comfortable headband, super face foam protector, ideal heat dissipating design Ventilation holes are convenient for inserting earphone and charging ,One second change your phone into IMAX cinema,just one step to VR world, let you enjoy 3D world at anywhere and anytime

Nene Raju Nene Mantri,Nene Raju Nene Mantri 3d agumented reality, rana dagubati

Nene Raju Nene Mantri 3D AR motion posters

Nene Raju Nene Mantri first movie to use 3D Augmented Reality

Baahubali Actor Ranna Daggubati after a blockbuster movie he has come up with Nene Raju Nene Mantri a multilingual political drama movie. In the part of promotions, the team has set a new benchmark by creating world’s first 3D Augmented Reality (AR) motion poster for upcoming movie nene Raju Nene Mantri.

You can download the app called Appstar to get the AR experience.This is going to be a completely new experience for the movie audience.This is going to be a new way to market the movies in future as AR technology is going to be the most used technology.

John Paoletto, Head of Design Avantari, the creators of this AR for Nene Raju, Nene Mantri said in a statement, “It’s a completely new experience for the movie audience and we are hopeful it will be equally exciting for everyone around the world.

“SS Rajamouli the director of Baahubali went to a theater nearby and got a picture of him with Rana and Kajal, and posted it on Twitter.

Nene Raju Nene Mantri,Nene Raju Nene Mantri 3d agumented reality, rana dagubatiThis movie is directed by Teja and produced by Suresh Babu Daggubati.The film also stars Kajal Aggarwal and Catherine Tresa in the lead.

virtual reality 3d and 360 videos

How to watch virtual reality 3D and 360 videos on youtube

Youtube 3d and 360 virtual reality videos

Youtube is the best source of finding virtual reality vr 3d and 360 videos.Youtube has started adding immersive vr content.The vr content quality varies greatly we can find the vr content at youtube.com/360

To capture 360 video manufacturers have developed 360 cameras to record 360 videos.Camera’s like insta360 gives a chance to record high-quality videos.

How to watch VR 360 Videos

You can watch 360 videos directly from your browser on your computer without using any vr headset.While watching the vr content there are different ways to aim your gaze.  On the top-left corner, you can find navigation circle.Using your mouse to navigate lift side or right side and upside or downside.

Now coming to the mobile, you can watch 360 videos by just looking around by physically moving your phone or tablet around in all directions.By sitting in rotating chair you can comfortably watch 360 videos.

How to watch vr 360 videos using vr headset

VR headset is a device which is used to watch 360 videos or 3d videos.Viewing vr content in the vr headset gives immersive experience to the user.The VR headsets are manufactured in such a way that you can wear them comfortably and to watch vr content.

Follow the steps to watch 360 videos on vr headset 

1.Open youtube and search for any 360 video.

2.After you find a vr 360 video you can find an option with three dots on the top-right corner, select that option.

3.After you select that option, a set of options will be displayed on your screen from those option select view in cardboard mode.Once you have selected that option your mobile screen gets split into two parts.Now place your mobile in vr headset and enjoy the immersive vr experience.

How to watch vr 3d videos on vr headset

The steps which we have followed to watch 360 videos same way we need to do for watching 3d videos.

But coming for 3d videos we can find two kinds of 3d videos 1.3d side by side videos and 2.Normal 3d videos.You can watch 3d side by side videos directly but for watching 3d side by side you need to follow the steps used to watch 360 videos.





google,google earth,google earth in 3d

Google takes you to any place on the earth through virtual reality

Virtual Reality to take you to any address in the world

The new feature of google earth Virtual reality allows the user to visit different places in the world through the VR Headset.When user enters the address or place name he wants to visit google will show the visual of that place.

google,google earth,google earth in 3dUsing this newly updated google earth feature you can visit your favorite places through vr headset. Many people want to visit their childhood days places. Many of them want to revisit the place favorite vacation spot, so they can take advantage of this technology.

Know we can visit 27 handpicked locations that are now available on Google Earth VR, including Neuschwanstein Castle that inspired the castle in Disney’s “Sleeping Beauty”, Table Mountain in South Africa and the Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina.

Five new things you can do with Google Earth


google earth,google earth into vrThe newest release of Google Earth, you can view, well, the whole world in 3D. When you search for a location, a clickable 2D/3D button appears on the lower right-hand corner of the screen, giving you a quick and easy way to look at your destination in another dimension.


Visit Your favorite place
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Feeling Sick in VR Here is Solution to Avoid it

virtual reality glasses safe for personal use and experimental marketing!

In present market,there are hundreds of varieties of Virtual Reality headsets from VR cardboards like google cardboards,plastic VR HMDs,Gear VR.The big guns in market are Playstation VR,Htc Vive and Oculus Rift.

In addition there are a lot of questions regarding the health issues caused by VR Headsets.Have you ever tried to push your ads in virtual reality and market your business in VR.If yes then its a very good idea as the VR technology is getting more and more popular it is better to do marketing in virtual reality.

we are here to consider some popular theories about the dangers of cardboard virtual reality glasses and to check if there’s any truth in them.

Is VR make everyone sick?

Most of the vr users experience motion sickness, nausea, sweating, dizziness and vomiting symptoms at some point.We have considered these symptoms very seriously and trying to avoid them.It is extremely reasonable to have concerns when considering the use of virtual reality glasses.

Reason for Motion Sickness

It is not unusual that motion sickness can occur in experiencing virtual reality since our body is standing still while we are moving in the virtual world.The unpleasant feeling rises from visual mismatches – body sensing motions, but eyes register stationary points (reading books in a moving car), and vice versa.slight lag when turning head with VR cardboard/headset on, and according to Wearable, even the slightest lag in the picture can cause feelings of discomfort.  

VR,virtual reality,vr world,vr headsetsHow to avoid Motion Sickness

Frist thing to be considered is to avoid using glasses if the picture in noticeable lagging or glitching.We suggest everyone watch high-quality pictures and videos, in case if you still face the same problem then just restart your app if the problem is not resolved go for the other app.

The second thing to be considered is setting your device properly in the vr headset and by using the adjustable lenses set a proper view and avoid nausea.You can adjust the lens according to your comfort levels and enjoy the VR experience.

We keep trying new things on our body and it takes a time to get adjust with things we wear, our mind should get adjusted to new experiences.

Do VR Headsets are bad for our eyes?

Sometimes your eyes need multiple exposures for getting used to the “new reality”.Many people have the same question in their mind when they think about using VR Headsets.There has been an ongoing debate whether VR glasses cause long-term damage to your eyes.

Virtual reality only works with a screen present, as does computer, mobile phone, or TV. Staring at screens for long periods of time can cause dry eyes (if you don’t blink enough) and eye strain (if your eyes continue to move in same motions over and over again, such as looking at different parts of the screen without moving your head.)  Fortunately, eye strain is not likely to be linked to the use of VR glasses, as you must use your whole head to look at the virtual reality. That takes the strain off the eyes. As for the eye dryness – take regular breaks and exercise your eyes by looking out the window.

VR,virtual reality,vr world,vr headsetsIf we watch any electronic device like TV, Computer and laptop for hours and hours our eyes get strain and you might get a headache also.Even the same thing happens with the vr headsets, you need to take some breaks in between.

Will it cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Another concern is post-traumatic stress Disorder, especially in gaming, is whether PTSD can be triggered by playing violent or horror games.Studies have shown that, not only there is no causation between VR and PTSD, there is actually a positive relationship between the two. PTSD results from a person experiencing a traumatic even at some point in their live.

Does VR harm the brains?

virtual reality impacts brains but does not necessarily harm them.Firing in brain activities is different under the same conditions in virtual reality and in real life. Different firing does not mean that there is a harm being done to our brain since the rats seemed to be behaving the same way in virtual reality and in real life. Differences only imply that some further studies are required to understand the impact completely.

VR,virtual reality,vr world,vr headsetsMeanwhile, scientists have been using virtual reality for cognitive rehabilitation after brain injury – in all cases, virtual reality positively impacted rehabilitation of brain damage, leading to a conclusion that virtual reality presents a viable and cost-effective solution in brain damage treatments.

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How to use irusu vr bluetooth remote with mobile

Steps to follow to connect  VR Bluetooth remote with iOS mobiles

The First & Most Important Step:

Please insert new AAA batteries into the remote


  1. Long press the ON/OFF button, an indicator light will start flashing green.
  2. Go to the phone Menu, turn on Bluetooth, choose VR shinecon-ios-xxxx and connection will be reached.



You should choose it while the indicator light is green.

* It’s important you have only one device connected to the remote.

  1. Your mobile phone is paired with the remote now. Greenlight is off.

Remote is ready to work.

Important note:If the remote doesn’t react, open an App where you can enter text (example: message), then long press mouse button until the keyboard appears. Switch input method into Apple’s original English keyboard.


vr bluetooth remote,irusu vr remote,vr headset india


Mouse Button                                                    Apple’s original keyboard



Long press the “Android” button. Switch VR mode into media mode when listening to music and watching movies. The remote can fast forward, fast reverse and pause. Switch media into VR mode, please long press “Android” button as well.

how-to-use-vr-remote2   If the remote still has no reaction:


– Switch the input method into Apple’s original English keyboard.


– Please switch remote into media mode, when listening to music and watching movies.

Please use VR mode, when playing games.

– If VR game doesn’t need a remote, you can enjoy playing this game using VR headset only.

No need to use a remote (the remote just won’t work).


Most of the games don’t need a remote.


* Sample of ios VR game where a remote is needed: Zombie warfare VR.

Steps to follow to connect  VR Bluetooth remote with Android mobiles

Please insert new AAA batteries into the remote


  1. Long press the ON/OFF button, an indicator light will start flashing green.
  2. For new version remotes, IOS button is used as ON/OFF button.
  3. Go to the android phone Menu, turn on Bluetooth and choose VR shinecon – xxxx and connection will be reached. You should choose it while the indicator light is green.


  1. Your android phone is paired with the remote now. A green light is off.

Remote is ready to work.

Note: For Android smartphone, No need to switch input method


Long press the “Android” button. Switch VR mode into media mode when listening to music and watching movies. The remote can fast forward, fast reverse and pause. Switch media into VR mode, please long press “Android” button as well.




If the remote has no reaction,


– Choose the correct mode of a remote. Please switch remote into media mode when listening to music and watching movies. Please use VR mode when playing games.


– If VR game doesn’t need a remote, you can enjoy playing this game using VR headset only. No need to use a remote (the remote just won’t work).


Most of the games don’t need a remote.

* Sample of Android VR game where the remote is needed: Western VR.

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