Feeling Sick in VR Here is Solution to Avoid it

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virtual reality glasses safe for personal use and experimental marketing!

In present market,there are hundreds of varieties of Virtual Reality headsets from VR cardboards like google cardboards,plastic VR HMDs,Gear VR.The big guns in market are Playstation VR,Htc Vive and Oculus Rift.

In addition there are a lot of questions regarding the health issues caused by VR Headsets.Have you ever tried to push your ads in virtual reality and market your business in VR.If yes then its a very good idea as the VR technology is getting more and more popular it is better to do marketing in virtual reality.

we are here to consider some popular theories about the dangers of cardboard virtual reality glasses and to check if there’s any truth in them.

Is VR make everyone sick?

Most of the vr users experience motion sickness, nausea, sweating, dizziness and vomiting symptoms at some point.We have considered these symptoms very seriously and trying to avoid them.It is extremely reasonable to have concerns when considering the use of virtual reality glasses.

Reason for Motion Sickness

It is not unusual that motion sickness can occur in experiencing virtual reality since our body is standing still while we are moving in the virtual world.The unpleasant feeling rises from visual mismatches – body sensing motions, but eyes register stationary points (reading books in a moving car), and vice versa.slight lag when turning head with VR cardboard/headset on, and according to Wearable, even the slightest lag in the picture can cause feelings of discomfort.  

VR,virtual reality,vr world,vr headsetsHow to avoid Motion Sickness

Frist thing to be considered is to avoid using glasses if the picture in noticeable lagging or glitching.We suggest everyone watch high-quality pictures and videos, in case if you still face the same problem then just restart your app if the problem is not resolved go for the other app.

The second thing to be considered is setting your device properly in the vr headset and by using the adjustable lenses set a proper view and avoid nausea.You can adjust the lens according to your comfort levels and enjoy the VR experience.

We keep trying new things on our body and it takes a time to get adjust with things we wear, our mind should get adjusted to new experiences.

Do VR Headsets are bad for our eyes?

Sometimes your eyes need multiple exposures for getting used to the “new reality”.Many people have the same question in their mind when they think about using VR Headsets.There has been an ongoing debate whether VR glasses cause long-term damage to your eyes.

Virtual reality only works with a screen present, as does computer, mobile phone, or TV. Staring at screens for long periods of time can cause dry eyes (if you don’t blink enough) and eye strain (if your eyes continue to move in same motions over and over again, such as looking at different parts of the screen without moving your head.)  Fortunately, eye strain is not likely to be linked to the use of VR glasses, as you must use your whole head to look at the virtual reality. That takes the strain off the eyes. As for the eye dryness – take regular breaks and exercise your eyes by looking out the window.

VR,virtual reality,vr world,vr headsetsIf we watch any electronic device like TV, Computer and laptop for hours and hours our eyes get strain and you might get a headache also.Even the same thing happens with the vr headsets, you need to take some breaks in between.

Will it cause Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Another concern is post-traumatic stress Disorder, especially in gaming, is whether PTSD can be triggered by playing violent or horror games.Studies have shown that, not only there is no causation between VR and PTSD, there is actually a positive relationship between the two. PTSD results from a person experiencing a traumatic even at some point in their live.

Does VR harm the brains?

virtual reality impacts brains but does not necessarily harm them.Firing in brain activities is different under the same conditions in virtual reality and in real life. Different firing does not mean that there is a harm being done to our brain since the rats seemed to be behaving the same way in virtual reality and in real life. Differences only imply that some further studies are required to understand the impact completely.

VR,virtual reality,vr world,vr headsetsMeanwhile, scientists have been using virtual reality for cognitive rehabilitation after brain injury – in all cases, virtual reality positively impacted rehabilitation of brain damage, leading to a conclusion that virtual reality presents a viable and cost-effective solution in brain damage treatments.

2 thoughts on “Feeling Sick in VR Here is Solution to Avoid it”

  1. ” Most of the vr users experience motion sickness, nausea, sweating, dizziness and vomiting symptoms at some point”
    As the CEO of a Virtual Reality production company I completly disagree with this statement.

    We have demonstrated Virtual Realty to literally thousands of people from small children to elderly people and the vast majority of these people have not had the negative experiences you described above. From all the events we have exhibited at (both as developers and for our clients) we have rarely had anyone feel uncomfortable in VR including people who wear glasses. This all comes down to knowing what to avoid and producing quality experiences.

    The key to minimising motion sickness it to avoid movement in the form of either the environment moving or moving the player through the environment. If you do need to move the user through an environment either do it very fast or have them teleport to a new area. This is the most important thing to avoid (if possible) when creating a VR experience.

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