Irusu Monster VR 2021 Headset supports mobiles with a gyroscope sensor and the minimum required mobile dimensions are ( 170mmx80mmx12mm) with screen sizes 4.5 inches to 6.69 inches.

Step 1

Scan the QR code from the given manual through Google Cardboard App in order to synchronize your mobile with the VR Headset.

Step 2

Now you can set up the cardboard App and can enjoy the VR experience. Watch the below video to set up the cardboard App Click Here .

Step 3

Once your mobile gets synchronized with the VR headset you can start using the VR headset. Before placing your mobile inside the VR headset remove the phone's back case.

Step 4

Irusu Monster VR 2021 headset has a touch button to trigger the options in the VR headset, And lens adjustment feature for getting a clear view.

Step 5

To experience the virtual reality you can download the following Apps Navigate to Apps Section. Click Here

Step 6

To watch movies and other videos that are available on your phone storage you can download our Irusu VR cinema player or other similar Irusu VR player

Step 7

If you are looking for the library for all the VR Content you can download our Irusu VR app Zone from the play store. Only available for Android Now.

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