How to use Irusu SoundBee?

How to use irusu soundbee Wireless bluetooth earphones

Irusu SoundBee is one of the most advanced and  user-friendly Wireless Bluetooth Earphones in the market.

Charging Up IRUSU SoundBee

  1. Plug in the USB charging cable into the right side USB charging port of irusu SoundBee.
  2. When charging begins, the LED indicator light will be red.
  3. Once the battery is fully charged, the LED indicator light will be blue.

When the Battery is Low 

If you hear the voice prompt “Battery Low”, please charge your SoundBee Bluetooth Neckband Headphones.Battery meter on iPhone and other iOS devices.


Charge SoundBee before your first use.

  • You should recharge SoundBee if it has not been used for more

then 12 months.

  • Use only the included USB charging cord to charge SoundBee.

Multifunction Button

Answer/End/Reject/Transfer calls; Mute; Play/Pause Music; Redial; Factory Reset.

Turning IRUSU SoundBee on/off

To turn SoundBee on

Slide down ON/Off Switch. The blue LED light flashes with a voice prompt. The headphones are now turned on.

To turn SoundBee off:

Slide up ON/Off Switch. The red LED light flashes with a voice prompt. The headphones are now turned off.

Pairing SoundBee with Mobile

  1. After turning on the SoundBee, the LED light flashes in red and blue with a voice prompt “Pairing” in about 10 seconds. NBees is now in pairing mode. Or manually press MF button for 5 seconds after turning on SoundBee, until LED light flashes in red and blue with a voice prompt “Pairing”.
  2. Activate Bluetooth function on your mobile phone.
  3. Set your phone to discover SoundBee.
  4. If password or PIN-code is required, confirm with 0000.

Pairing with SoundBee with Second mobile phone

irusu SoundBee supports multipoint technology, which means that it can be paired and connected with two Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones at the same time.

  1. Activate Multipoint function: When SoundBee is turned on and not connected with any devices, short press the MF button and Volume Down Button Simultaneously. 
  2. Pair and connect SoundBee with the first mobile phone.
  3. Turn off the Bluetooth function of the first mobile phone and SoundBee.
  4. Turn on SoundBee and pair with the second mobile phone.
  5. Turn on the Bluetooth function on the first mobile phone.
  6. Turn on SoundBee again and it will automatically connect to the first mobile, then manually connect the SoundBee with a second mobile phone (some mobiles can be automatically connected).

Making Calls

Once SoundBee is successfully connected to your mobile, you can use it to make and receive calls. The headphones can be used for voice dialing if your mobile phone supports this feature. Please consult your mobile phone’s manual for more information.

Voice Dialing: Press MF button about 2 seconds and dial by speaking contact’s name after hearing the voice prompt “Voice Dial”.

Normal Dialing: Enter and dial the number on your mobile phone as you normally do. Once the call has been set up, the sound will be transmitted to your headphones automatically.

Redial: Double click MF button to redial the last number you called.

Answering/ Ending/ Rejecting Calls

When the headphones are turned on and connected with the mobile phone, and there is an incoming call, you will hear a musical tone.

-Press MF button to answer the call.

-Press MF button to end the call.

-Long press MF button for 2 seconds to reject the call.


During phone calls, short press both MF and Volume up button simultaneously with a “beep” to put a call on mute. Repeat the step above to un-mute the device.

Voice Broadcast Function

SoundBee supports voice prompts and reading an incoming number.

Transferring calls

To transfer a call to the mobile phone, press the MF button about 2 seconds and the blue LED light flashes with a voice prompt “transfer audio”. If you want to transfer the call back to SoundBee, press MF button for 2 seconds again. More procedures may be involved in some mobile phones.

Put the call on hold

Double click MF button to put the current call on hold and accept the call waiting.Double click MF button to put the second call on hold and resume the first call.

Adjusting the Volume

You can increase/decrease the volume by adjusting the Volume Up/Volume Down button of SoundBee or your mobile phone. Press Volume Up button to increase the volume, Press Volume Down button to decrease the volume.

Play/Pausing the Music

Press the MF-button to play or pause music.

Long press Volume Down button for 2 seconds to play next song;

Long press Volume Up button for 2 seconds to play the previous song.

use spotify or apple music to groove onto new music 

Connecting with PC or PDA

You can connect SoundBee with a Bluetooth-enabled PC or PDA that supports headphones or hands-free profiles. Please refer to the user manual of your Bluetooth-enabled PC or PDA for setup information.

Factory Reset

When SoundBee is turned on and not connected with any devices, press MF button and Volume Up button simultaneously for 5 seconds, the LED light flashes in red and blue with a voice prompt “power off”, now the factory reset is successful.

hopefully the guide provides you an in depth manual on all things related irusu soundbee.


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