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How To Use IRUSU VR Headsets With Mobile Phone (Complete Beginners Guide)

Do you want to know how to use IRUSU VR headsets With Phone (both android and iPhone) to gain amazing VR experience?   To use VR headsets with mobile, you don’t need to have any prior technical knowledge.

This guide will show you exactly how to experience VR to the fullest with your smartphone, and also you will learn everything you need to know about IRUSU VR headsets.

We will explain how to check your smartphone compatibility with VR, How to set up Irusu VR headsets, Downloading and viewing VR content, and essential things and FAQs to remember.

How to check if your phone is compatible with VR ?

Irusu VR headsets Setup guide

VR content for mobile VR experience

Important things to remember.

How to verify if your mobile is VR compatible?

For your phone to be VR compatible, your mobile needs to have the following sensors:

  • Gyroscope
  • Accelerometer
  • Magnetic Field Sensor
  • NFC (optional)
  • Internal Compass (recommended)

First, you need to check if your phone has the above sensors. We have given below the easiest method to check the VR compatibility of your smartphone.

For Android Users:

We recommend VR checker app or EZE VR that can tell you if your android phone is compatible with VR. These apps check for the sensors and will let you know if your smartphone is fully fit or not.

EZE VR :- After installing, open the app and click on the check button. With a single tap, this app detects whether your smartphone has the required sensors to support VR. 

VR app Checker

VR Checker App :- Unlike EZE VR, the VR Checker doesn’t require any additional step to click on buttons. Once you install and open the app, It will show you whether your smartphone is VR compatible or not. The app also displays other information like device name, screen size, resolution, density, which helps you know whether you can have optimal VR experience with your android mobile phone.

VR Checker

For iPhone Users:

All iPhones Since the 5S version have the above-given sensors. So technically, they are virtual reality ready.

Setting up Irusu VR headsets: Whatever the type of  IRUSU VR headset you own, such as Irusu Monster VR, Irusu Play VR Plus, Irusu Mini VR, Irusu Play VR Premium 2020, are the steps to follow to set up the VR headset with Android or iPhone:

Step 1: Install the VR app on your smartphone

Step 2: Insert your phone in the VR headset slot

Step 3: Access VR app with remote or without remote control

Step 4: Align the screen.

Step 5: Wear the VR headset.

Step 6: Adjust the lenses.

Step 7: Accessing the VR headset


Step 1: Install the VR app on your smartphone

If you don’t have any VR app on your mobile phone, You can Install the Irusu VR apps zone, which is the one-stop library to access VR content. This best VR app allows you to browse and view VR 3D videos, photos, VR apps, and VR games. We will discuss more VR content and apps in the following sections.

Step 2: Insert the phone in the VR headset slot

Before inserting the phone in the VR headset slot, make sure the size of the phone falls within the range of the slot’s size.  Phones are falling in size range 4.5 – 6.89 fits in the slot of Irusu monster VR, Irusu Play VR Plus, and Irusu Mini VR. Phones are falling in size range 4.5 – 6.5 fits in the slot of Irusu Play VR Premium 2020. 

After you download the Irusu VR app zone, place your mobile on the VR headset. All the Irusu  VR headsets can be opened from the front. Place your mobile with the screen facing you. Make sure that your mobile is well fitted in the slot. Please remove the protective case before mounting it in the slot to avoid fitting issues. Don’t close the slot and don’t wear the VR headset just yet.

For Irusu Play VR Plus, there are in-built headphones. You can insert the inbuilt headphones plug in the mobile and adjust the mobile in the slot accordingly.

Step 3: Access the IRUSU VR app zone with or without remote control

With remote control: Connect the remote controller to your smartphone via Bluetooth before inserting the mobile in the slot. Using the remote controller, access the Irusu VR app zone. Check the video to know more.

Without remote control:-  Some of the VR apps have gaze settings. Even without a remote, you can stare at the button you want to click for a few seconds while using the mobile in the slot, and it will select it.

Step 4: Align your mobile screen.

Once the VR app content is opened, you will see a line in the center. This line represents half of both screens. Align the line to the center of the slot on your VR headset. So you have unbiased views of both the right and the left of the VR content.

Step 5: Wear a VR headset:

Once your mobile is perfectly aligned in the VR headset slot and connected to the VR app, it’s time to wear it. Place the VR headset over your head and adjust the head straps until it comfortably wraps around your head. Make sure that the head straps are not loose by moving your head to the sides.

Step 6: Adjust The VR lenses:

After wearing the VR headset, you can choose to adjust the lenses’ spacing, depending on your eyesight. Adjust it using the roller located at the top of the VR headset just parallel to your nose. You can also adjust the focus using the rollers present on either side at the top of VR headset

Step 7: Accessing the VR headset controls

3. VR content for mobile VR experience 

The Important step for you to experience immersive VR is the VR content.Here we will share with you some of the best VR games and apps to access a wide variety of VR related content.

List of best VR apps for android and iPhone users:

Top 10 VR apps for android

These are the best VR apps for android for free.

  1. Google Cardboard
  2. Google Expeditions
  3. Google Street View
  4. Full Dive VR
  5. Irusu VR apps zone
  6. Sites In VR
  7. VR Thrills – Roller Coaster 360
  8. Deep Space Battle VR
  9. VR Haunted House 3D
  10. VR Galaxy Wars
  11. VR Cinema Player – Irusu

Top VR apps for iPhone

These are the best VR apps for the iPhone for free.

  1. Youtube
  2. Zombie Shooter VR
  3. In Mind 2
  4. In Cell VR
  5. Google cardboard
  6. Google Street View
  7. Sisters

If you have further questions on how to use the   VR headset, please visit our support section here to learn more.