How to watch IPL Live?


How to Watch IPL Live?

The session is On, The IPL fever is high. India is the only Country which celebrates cricket like a Festival, Why not it is one of the most exciting game ever with all the Masala in it, Just like a bollywood movie, Like crazy cricketing shots, Mind blowing catches & Crazy Cricket Fights.

Why would someone want to miss out on this.But he Problem is we are busy with our schedules, We don’t have time to spend with our children, how can we spare 2-3 hours for cricket.


Don’t worry We have a Perfect solution for you. You can Watch Cricket anywhere & on the right time. Here are the List of some of the free IPL watching websites & apps for you.


WnQ Cricket


For more please check out the List here

How to watch IPL Live? Before searching for this, Please read below Easter egg

I hope your purpose is satisfied, but wait I just want to give you a insight of future to you on the world of sports.

I would like to explain it with an example:

Kapil is a busy Person & he is always busy with his work. He never spends time with his son who is a crazy fan of his father.

One day kapil realizes it, He want to surprise his son with a movement that he would remember for ever

He knew that his son is a fan of Virat Kohli. So he wanted surprise him something which will make his day.

He came across the term watch IPL in VR. He was totally excited by seeing it.

He looked in to the procedure how to watch IPL in VR. Then order an VR headset from online

& then he surprised his son on the Match of RCB

This is Just an example. But mark my words it feels as real as if you are standing next to the empires.

But unfortunately I wan to say that Hotstar is not taking up 360 IPL shoot this Year, As they are planing big for the next year.

Don’t get disappointed you can watch 2018 IPL match in VR and get a taste of the Next IPL match.

What is the Best VR headset to watch VR content?

I am going to be straight & I proudly say that Irusu VR headset is the leading VR headsets in India.

Irusu is the only brand which got certified by Google cardboard.

Here are some of the best Irusu VR headsets

These are some of the Best Irusu VR headsets.

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Best vr headset box in india for gaming

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