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Mentorship program for T-hub

1.Describe your product and/or Services

A Saas based AR marketing tool with a free and paid subscription model.


2.Describe your customers

Enterprises, Brands, and individual customers.


3.Describe your competitive advantage and /or market niche

A powerful marketing tool that can be initiated by an end user with 3 simple steps. Tag- UpdateInfo – Upload. An end to end Enterprise or consumer tool with no competition on the actual product but some competetion on variations of it.


4.Demonstrate that you understand your revenue model. Include your total revenues and expenes for the past year and estimates for the current year and next year.

It’s a subscription based  revenue model. More the user base – greater the revenue.

We are a cash positive company with VR hardware sales and VR/ AR software development from last three years.

2016-17 Revenue was around Rs. 1.8 Cr. The expected Revenue for current year will be around Rs.2.1 Cr. And expecting a Revenue of Rs. 2.7Cr for the next year.



5.Describe your sector and stage

Augmented reality based marketing tool that can be adapted to any sector like Tourism, Entertainment, Print and digital Media, Brands, Enterprises and personal consumption.



6.Tell us how much investment you are seeking if any

The product is ready to be published and we are looking for a go to market strategy. Investment is not a criteria unless needed for “ go to market “ campaign.



7.Describe your team – senior staff and any siginificant partners, admissions, customers and suppliers

Core Team size : 5  ( 3 developers – 1 Digital marketer – 1 finance ).

Tie-ups with Manufacturing units / vendors  for hardware and 3D design studios for content development.

Sold over 60 units sold to different Clients ( more than 30 B2B clients ) and through online channels.