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Irusu VR Apps Zone

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Irusu VR APPS Zone is a Best virtual reality Apps repository, that is carefully handpicked from VR experts for VR headsets.More information available on www.irusu.co.in

Irusu VR Apps Zone works with any Virtual Reality viewer, such as Google Cardboard VR or VR headset. Join us, and explore the future of Virtual reality.

Irusu VR 360 Player

Best 360 vr cinema player for free

VR 360 Player| Irusu is a free vr player which supports all 360 videos. You can watch virtual reality 360 video’s from your mobile with the help of this 360 vr app.

Explore new adventures in virtual reality with this 360 virtual reality video player.You will get a great vr 360 experience with vr player app.

Irusu VR Cinema Player

Irusu VR Cinema Player is the ultimate VR Theatre player for virtual reality videos that gives you full control and an Imax Screen feeling.

The VR Cinema Player includes 360 Video player ( or 360 Movie player ) and 3D SBS movie player, apart from regular 2D VR player.

Irusu VR Cinema Player IOS

vr player app for ios mobiles for free on app store

Human Anatomy 4D VR AR MR

Human Anatomy VR

Irusu Human Anatomy 4D is not just another Anatomy app, but something more than that. Experience 4D Human Anatomy that comes alive in your living room, Study room, Laboratory and anywhere with a blink of an eye.

Walk around the Anatomy as if you walk around a physical character in front of you, lean, look up and down, upclose and interact with the internal Body parts.