AR Headset

Irusu Augmented Reality Headset


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Product Specifications

  • Product Name
  • Irusu AR Headset
  • Compatible Devices
  • iPhones, Android Mobiles with
  • Gyroscope sensor
  • Lenses 
  • HD Resin Lenses

AR Augmented Reality Glasses for IOS, Android  Smartphone AR Viewer AR Optical Glasses Headset For Smart Phone 


Irusu AR Augmented reality glasses for IOS and Android are designed for a new and scientific viewing way.

AR Headset can convert your smartphone into a holographic projector and reflect HD images or videos on the optical lens, just put your phone into the slot of the holographic AR Headset, and you can enjoy it.

Perfectly suitable for watching HD movies, playing games, and more, Your personal movie theater, gaming arena, and workspace, all-in-one device.

Features for AR Augmented Reality Glasses

High-quality AR optical lens: High-quality AR optical lens ensures high definition color and images without distortion.

>Best Viewing Experience: The viewing scene is based on the image of reality superimposing virtual. You won’t feel dizzy because the human brain has a stronger sense of trust in the real scene.

>Easy to use: You just need to put your phone into the slot of the AR Headset, then it can convert your smartphone into a screen projector right away in front of your eyes.

>Compatible Wearing: Light Weight, ergonomic design can balance and reduce the pressure on the head, so you will feel much more comfortable when enjoying movies or games

Optimal safety watching distance to prevent eye strain, get rid of cable, experience free control.

>Wide compatibility: Suitable for 4.7-6.0in for iOS and Android mobile phones.

Supports ARKIT and ARCORE on Mobile Phones.

>Portable and Durable: Made of resin material, high quality, and super portability, allows you enjoy HD movies or games anytime anywhere.


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