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Irusu Monster VR Headset

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Best HD Resin Lenses​

With constant innovation, we are introducing the largest 42MM diameter HD lenses, with high light transmittance for superior and unmatched VR experience.

Fully Adjustable Lenses

It is adjustable on pupil distance and objects distance with individual lenses for different eye sights.

Fully Adjustable Lenses

It is adjustable on pupil distance and objects distance with individual lenses for different eye sights.

Widely Compatible

The mobiles should have Gyroscope, accelerometer for head tracking.The VR HEADSET that is future compatible with day DREAM OS.

In-Built Touch Button

Design meets performance – Curved ergonomic design with stylish front bezel, super face foam protector, Human design Headstrap, the ideal heat dissipating design Ventilation, Side Slots are convenient for inserting earphone and charging.

Product Specifications

  • Product Name
  • Irusu Monster VR
  • Compatible Devices
  • iPhones, Android Mobiles with 
  • Gyroscope sensor
  • Item Weight
  • 540 g
  • Remote
  • No
  • Lenses
  • HD Resin Lenses
  • MRP 
  • Rs. 3000

16 reviews for Irusu Monster vr without remote

  1. Hariharan

    in what way this is different from Irusu Play Vr?

    • Irusu

      Lens adjustment placement is different and design part is different. The VR experience Will be same

  2. Vamik

    Is there problem of volume and power button being pressed???

    • Irusu

      The product has this issue before but now we have solved this issue by using movable cushions. You can adjust as per your requirement.

      • Vamik

        What si the difference between this and pocket VR???? which of them has better lens????

        Please also tell what is more convenient- Magnetic clicker or remote???


        • Irusu

          Hi vamik,
          If your looking for better lenses pocket vr has got the best lens so far it is or new product and is also foldable.
          Remote will be more convenient than a clicker. With the remote you can also play some vr supported games and it can also be used as wireless mouse to a laptop.

  3. NIKHLESH KATARIA (verified owner)

    Hello IRUSU Team,

    I have ordered Monster VR without Remote yesterday,
    may I know when it will be deliver to my address in RAJASTHAN.

    • Irusu

      Please check your email we have sent to an email with tracking details.

      • NIKHLESH KATARIA (verified owner)

        sorry but i didn’t received any mail with tracking details

  4. xahid

    Is it compatible on redmi phones. And what if i want to return it for some reason.

    • Irusu

      Redmi phones with gyroscope sensor and mobile screen 4.7 to 6 inches can return product from any courier and we will refund or replace as per customer requirement

      • xahid

        What ia gyroscope.
        Will it work on redmi note4

  5. Rated 4 out of 5


    I have few questions:
    1 – Does IRUSU MONSTER VR HEADSET comes with remote controller at price of Rs. 1599/- ?
    2- does this VR set compatible with redmi note 4?
    3 – can we play offline videos from our phone apart from online youtube 3d clips?
    4 – is there any sample 3D clips come with the VR set?

    • Irusu

      1.No, you won’t get remote at this price.
      2.Yes it is compatible with redmi note 4.
      3.Yes you can play offline videos from your phone memory through vr player.(irusu vr cinema player)
      4.No you wont get any sample 3D clips but you can install our free irusu vr zone app in which you can find all vr content.

  6. Kelash

    Which one is better Irusu Play Vr or this?? Or why would I chose one over the other??

    • Irusu

      Both vr headset has same features and only the design part is different but both gives the best vr experience


    Hi ! I want to know if this is compatable with iphone 7 plus with ios 11 ? Has anybody tested it with iphone 7 plus and is it preferable over foldable vr?

    • Irusu

      Yes it’s compatible and preferable


    Is it compatable with iphone 7 plus?

    • Irusu

      Yes it is compatible

  9. Arun

    Does it support galaxy note 4 ?Can we use it with the case on?

    • Irusu

      Yes it supports and we suggest not to use bulky cases while inserting the mobile in vr headset

  10. 2bamku

    Can we use external earphones in monster

    • Irusu

      Yes, earphones can be used with monster vr headset

  11. Rated 3 out of 5


    comfortable for gionee m7 power ?
    this vr can support for gionee m7 power?

  12. Vijay

    Is it support moto cplus mobile

    • Irusu

      No, it is not compatible

  13. Aaryan yadav

    1 can I use it on redmi note 5 pro
    2 can we play vr games on it
    3 can I watch hd videos on it

    • Irusu

      1.Yes,it can be used with redmi note 5 pro
      2.Yes VR Supported games can be played
      3.Yes, you can watch 3d SBS videos,360 videos and normal videos at HD quality.

  14. Rajkumar

    Can i used vivo v9 in this vr box

    • Satya Molugu

      Hey Rajkumar, No Monster VR is not compatible with Vivo V9, But Irusu Play VR Plus is compatible with Vivo V9

  15. Rated 4 out of 5


    actually im planning to buy monster vr your website displaying temporary problem with google cardboard scan code
    how much time it takes to resolve …

    • Satya Molugu

      We have reported the issue to google & the issue will be resolved within 3-5 working day

  16. Rated 5 out of 5

    Alam hossain

    Can I use Asus Zenfone max pro m1 in this vr headset ????? Size 5.99 inches will be fit ??

    • Satya Molugu

      Yes, it is compatible with Asus Zenfone max pro m1. But please make sure you don’t use any bulky phone covers

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Irusu Monster vr without remote