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Irusu Pocket VR with Remote

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Product Specifications

  • Product Name
  • Irusu Pocket VR
  • Compatible Devices
  • iPhones, Android Mobiles with
  • Gyroscope sensor
  • Remote
  • Yes
  • Lenses
  • HD Resin Lenses
  • MRP
  • Rs. 3200

Irusu Pocket VR Headset:

India’s first True Foldable Pocket VR Headset.

  1. Portable and Lightweight: Break away from the bulky VR headsets and explore the virtual worlds anytime, anywhere. With its high-quality silicon construction, super light, portable, foldable 245g, the true featherweight VR that allows your cellphone to turn into your own giant screen cinema, giving you the ability to travel in time and space with our pocket vr headset.
  2. Intimate Design: The product is foldable and can be adjusted according to human -oriented object distance.Made of good silicon material, it provides the most comfortable viewing experience. Three-way head strap for comfortable weight distribution on the head.
  3. New Innovative lenses: Super high-quality Optical Aspherical HD lenses for a fatigue-free viewing experience. One of the best lenses available till date.Anti-blue ray coated with 8 Layer nano coating and 5 layer polishing.
  4. Focal and IPD adjustment: with InterPupilary Distance adjustment and focal with a range of 0-600° Myopia, viewing experience has more reach.
  5. Ultra-Compatible: It can accommodate mobiles from 4.7 – 6 inches. Full Immersive: Once the pictures or Movies are displayed, you can forget about boundaries thanks to the wider FOV, giving you a fully immersive experience.Mobiles which has gyroscope sensor are compatible with VR headsets.
  6. Look and feel: The most trendy looking VR headset in India.
  7. QR code: For viewing VR videos on Youtube, you’ll need a QR code to suit the VR headset. Irusu vr headsets have the QR code.
  8. VR app: Irusu vr has its own VR APP ZONE which has all the VR content.Get this app at
Weight245 g

18 reviews for Irusu Pocket VR-Foldable VR headset

  1. PRADEEP (verified owner)


    • Irusu

      42mm HD lenses

  2. Rated 4 out of 5

    Arun P B

    Does pocket VR has remote controller. Also how it differ from monster VR in features

    • Irusu

      Currently, pocket vr has no remote, soon we are going to put Bluetooth remote along with the vr product.
      Coming to the difference between monster and pocket vr is the lens used in pocket vr is advanced one with more HD quality.And the best thing is you can carry it easily anywhere you want.
      And it is very light weight compared to monster

  3. Rated 4 out of 5


    Can I use Mi MAX?
    What type of lense used?
    How lense are Superior than lense used in monster?
    Can I use headphones while watching on vr head Set?
    Did we get all the features in monster vr head Set?
    Does This come with remote and clicker

    • Irusu

      I suggest you to go for MINI vr headset it is the only headset in india which can hold Red mi max

  4. pradeep (verified owner)

    is it come with head strap?

    • Irusu

      Yes, it comes​ with headstrap

  5. Rated 3 out of 5

    pradeep (verified owner)

    it is the most expensive vr of irusu but they dont provide a magnetic clicker with it.

  6. Ajay

    Is it compatible with LENOVO VIBE K5 note?

    • Irusu

      Yes it is compatible , it has got the best lenses among all the VR headsets

  7. Praveen

    Hi Irusu Team, Which VR should I choose for Lenovo K5 Note model and also let me know if it supports remote ?

    • Irusu

      Hi preveen ,
      Yes lenovo k5 note is vr compatible.If your looking for a new and comfortable vr headset which you can easily carry anywhere then go for Irusu pocket vr. If you want in less price compared to pocket then go for monster vr headset or else play vr plus. Actually all the products have best quality lenses.

  8. Shanu

    I want to order Foldable Pocket VR. Will you provide the bluetooth remote control as mentioned in the Image description?

    • Irusu

      Yes we will provide the Bluetooth remote also

      • Shanu

        Can i get magnetic clicker along with this? In case you dont provide magnetic clicker free with this pocket VR, Where can I get it?

        • Irusu

          Please call our customer care number 8801232221

  9. Manoj

    Is it supportable for Sony Xperia X?

    • Irusu

      Yes it supports sony xperia X. Sony Xperia x has gyroscope sensor which makes mobile vr compatible

      • Manoj

        Which will be best monster or pocket vr Sony Xperia X? Will I get Bluetooth remote free if I make a purchase from Amazon . in?

  10. Vamik

    Why there is no magnetic clicker???? Will it work without it???

    • Irusu

      There is no need of magnetic clicker for this vr headset Bluetooth can be used for operating and controlling.

  11. r.rahuljain23

    if i order pocket vr now ,

    will i get bloo remote with this ??

    which one has better vr experience , pocket vr or monster vr.??

    if lens of pocket vr are also adjustable as in case of monster vr .. ?

    • Irusu

      1.Yes new will get bloo remote along with pocket VR as shown in picture.
      2.Pocket VR has the best lenses when compared to other VR in market.
      3.Yes you can adjust the lenses

      • r.rahuljain23

        Thanks for the quick reply .
        can you please tell me ..

        If POCKET VR has space for insterting ear phones in my mobile after covering it with front cover ? ?

        • Irusu

          Yes it has space for inserting ear phones. Our office working hours are from 10 am to 6pm . You can come online we have live chat option it will be easy for you to ask questions

  12. Rated 4 out of 5

    Yashwanth (verified owner)

    Is it a 42mm lense?
    How does this lense differ from monster?

    • Irusu

      Yes it is 42mm and it has more quality lenses and the design part is completely different.
      It can be folded where as monster can’t be folded and it is light weight compared to monster

  13. Satnam

    I want to buy this but does it compatible with REDMI NOTE 4

    • Irusu

      Yes it is compatible

  14. Rated 5 out of 5

    Prathamesh khairnar

    I found it very stylish ?

    • Irusu

      Thank you ?

  15. Vidur (verified owner)

    I placed an order for pocket may I know is it cobfirmed

    • Irusu

      Yes it got confirmed

  16. Devendra

    1- is it compatible with moto x style?
    2 -Pocket vr can play 360° videos like monster vr?
    3- what is the difference between monster vr and pocket vr?

    • Irusu x style is vr compatible
      2.Yes pocket vr can play 360 videos.
      3.The design part is different and pocket can be foldable and it is light in weight. But both gives you great vr experience

  17. Rated 3 out of 5


    Will it carry remote controller with it?

    • Irusu

      Yes, it has free Bluetooth remote

  18. Rated 5 out of 5


    Which vr will be best for watching movies and 360 videos? Reply immediately, I am going to buy this week.

    • Irusu

      All our vr headsets are best at serving the purpose. On all vr headsets any vr content can be watched. To be specific irusu play vr plus is the advanced model in our store with all best features

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