What is the Best USB Car Charger?



These days, Smartphones and tablets are highly used for both work purpose and entertainment. But the problem is that the devices drain very quickly most of the time, At this point, portable Quick USB chargers come in handy. The quick charger can charge your smartphone in a matter of minutes & without affecting your device.


How does a car charger work?

Usually, the battery output of a car is 12.6V DC or 13.7 Dc which is very high for a small device. But the battery of a phone needs only 9v and 5v.At this point using USB 3.0 the 12v Dc step down to 9v & 5v DC. DC Chopper plays a key role by using the voltage regulators to regulate or step down the voltage. So with the help of Micro USB 3.0, the mobile is charged with a car battery.


3 Things to look for when you are buying a quick car charger

The technology is advancing every now and then. Smartphone firms are launching all new Qualcomm quick charge technology every year. This technology helps the smartphone to charge really quickly. Here are three things to look for:

– 12v Car Charger

A good charger can provide at least 2.1 Amps per USB port and a total of 4.2 Amps. But Irusu quick car charger provides you with 3.1 Amps per USB  and a total of 6.2 Amps. It can charge mostly all devices it may be Smartphone, Tablet, power bank or any other device.


– Car Charger Dual USB

Chargers with cable are really troublesome and most of the devices these days  come with an only single USB port. But Irusu car charger contains dual USB ports and can charge two devices simultaneously, without affecting both the devices.


– Universal Car Charger Compact-able Size

The device must be really compactable and Irusu charger is one of the smallest chargers or designed to elevate the look of the car interior.


Is using a car charger for an iPhone and Android mobiles harmful?

Often car chargers tend to affect your devices, but ours is built in with multi protection system which will protect your device from overheating, over current, overcharging and short circuit.



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