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best vr headsets for nokia mobiles in india

Top best vr headsets for Nokia mobiles

Best available vr headsets for nokia mobiles in india are irusu vr headsets. Irusu vr headsets are built with the best quality plastic and these vr headsets have 42MM HD resin lenses which provides a great vr experience to the users.

vr headsets for nokia mobiles

Nokia mobiles which are vr compatible are listed below.

#Column heading#Column heading
1Nokia X62Nokia 7 plus
3Nokia 64Nokia 8
5Nokia 8 Sirocco6Nokia 3
7Nokia 58Nokia 7
9Nokia 910Nokia Lumia 1020
11Nokia Lumia 93012Nokia Lumia 1520
13Nokia Lumia 92014Nokia Lumia 830
15Nokia Lumia 92516Nokia Lumia 735
16Nokia Lumia 82017Nokia Lumia 900
18Nokia Lumia Icon19Nokia Lumia 928
20Nokia Lumia 82221Nokia Lumia 900 AT&T
22Nokia Lumia 81023 Nokia 6.1
24 Nokia 5.125 Nokia 3.1
26Nokia 6.1 plus27Nokia X5
28 Nokia 5.1 Plus29Nokia 7.1
30 Nokia 3.1 Plus31Nokia 8.1 (Nokia X7)

Best VR Headset for nokia mobiles

Irusu vr headsets are best compatible with nokia mobiles with best quality vr lenses and built with high quality ABS plastic.You can find irusu vr headsets on the following websites.

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