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What is a VR wedding shoot?

Virtual Reality is a 360-degree, 3-D video that virtually places you directly into the middle of the event. With the help of VR wedding shoots , relatives and friends can witness the reactions of loved ones that they may not have seen on the day.

As part of the package

IRUSU provides you a virtual reality headset and with the help of your smartphone, the immersive VR wedding video transports your relatives to the wedding venue in a way that standard video can’t, allowing them to relive how they felt in that moment.Share the experience with loved ones who are unable to make it to your wedding.

How does a VR wedding work?

On your wedding day, and experienced 360 camera professional will capture all of the wedding footage. The relatives or friends who are far away from the venue now can directly present and watch your wedding live with a Smartphone and VR headset

Better To Have Loved And Lost, Than To Have Never Loved

Robert Patterson

Other events that can shoot in vr

show your product or simply to draw attention or entertain. Use it before your event to invite people, at your event to show what they are missing out on and after the event why they should attend next time.

Corporate events

VR in the event space is here to stay and its the ideal environment to utilise the technology’s potential.


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Create a virtual graduation with Irusu

virtual graduation solution created by Subversive. While it may not currently be possible for schools and universities to host in-person commencement ceremonies

How can the VR wedding be watched?

With the help of smartphones, The VR wedding video can be watched live or later with the help of our VR headsets.

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Virtual Reality Highlights for Wedding & Other Events (4-8 mins)

Virtual Reality Full Video for Each Event booked (30-45 mins )

Virtual Reality Photos in 360

VR Headset Compatible with all Smartphones (included in package)

OTG Drive with all VR Data

Irusu App to Play Your VR Videos