Wireless charger for iphone

wireless charger for iphone

Since 2017 all the iphones that came out are compatible with wireless charging.all the iphones are aiming to seta new stage and become trend setters.so they are taking in wireless technology.this is also a wireless charger for iphone

On March 29, 2019, Apple officially acknowledged that AirPower will never see the light of day. The wireless charging mat was announced in the fall of 2017 and was expected to be released early in 2018. It was an attempt to do something no other wireless charging pad can: charge up to three devices on a single pad of different shapes and sizes.

Irusu has developed a new product called fusion which is a wireless charger and a Bluetooth speaker. This Bluetooth speaker also acts as a wireless charger that you can use to charge your mobile wirelessly while at the same time listening to the audio. speaker comes with a QI enabled wireless charging facility.

The charging time for Fusion is 5h .with that you can have an uninterrupted play time of more than 20h and also wirelessly charge your phone

The following is the list of phones which are qi enabled.wireless charger for iphone:

1Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max8Apple iPhone XS Max
2Apple iPhone 119Apple iPhone XS
3Apple iPhone X10COMING SOON
4Apple iPhone 8 Plus11COMING SOON
5Apple iPhone 11 Pro12COMING SOON
6Apple iPhone XR13COMING SOON
7Apple iPhone 814COMING SOON

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