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Wireless charger price in india

Wireless chargers have started coming to the Indian market.wireless charger uses same technology as a transformer.it uses magnetic energy to transfer energy.a coil is wrapped around both sides of a pad and electricity is sent through the coil.then the current is transferred to phone through magnetic energy.thats why it is called qi energy

So with that said,wireless charger is the future technology.all major companies are using this technology in their new products .even if they are phones,laptop,pc,watches and also Bluetooth speaker.

Irusu as developed a new Bluetooth headset which has the facility to charge your phone wirelessly and at same time play songs.it is also a portable speaker and also power bank. with battery capacity of 5000mah.when your phone is dying out you can use wireless charger and Bluetooth speaker to charge your phone.and if your phone doesn’t have qi enabled charging you can use this Bluetooth speaker as a powerbank

Most of the wireless charging technology is expensive and hard to get.so irusu has put in extra efforts so that their Bluetooth speaker wireless charger can be used by everybody.irusu Bluetooth speaker wireless charger is costing 2999 which is very low for both speaker and charger in one device so go and get yours now

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