Best VR Headsets in India of 2024 Under 3000

Buy Best VR headset in india under 3000

Top 4 Affordable VR Headsets in 2024: Irusu's Best Picks Under 3000

1. Irusu Play VR Plus: A Blend of Comfort and Clarity

best VR Box under 3000

The Irusu Play VR Plus stands out with its 40MM HD optical resin lenses, boasting a field of view up to 110 degrees. This headset doesn’t just offer a panoramic view; it ensures a crystal-clear experience with focal and IPD adjustments. The integrated best-in-class headphones with a 3.5mm jack enhance the audio-visual synchrony, while the removable front panel aids in ventilation, making long VR sessions comfortable. Its advanced touch button and multifunctional controls add to the ease of use. Compatible with smartphones having a gyroscope sensor and screen sizes from 4.7 to 6.69 inches, it’s a versatile choice. However, it’s worth noting that for the best picture quality, a high-resolution mobile screen is recommended.

Rating : 4.6

2. Irusu Monster VR: The Tech-Advanced Choice

Irusu Monster VR best affordable VR headset in india

The Monster VR from Irusu, with its sleek design and technical prowess, is a game-changer. It supports smartphones and operates seamlessly with iOS. The standout features include an adjustable headband, inbuilt touch button, and Bluetooth connectivity. Weighing just 410 grams, it’s surprisingly lightweight for its robust build. The 6.69-inch standing screen display size ensures a broad and immersive visual experience. While it doesn’t require batteries, its compatibility with Bluetooth enhances its user-friendly nature

Rating : 4.5

3. Irusu Play VR Ultra: The Ultimate Immersive Experience

best 3d VR headset under 3500

Irusu’s Play VR Ultra is designed for the avid VR user. Its high-quality adjustable headphones with a Type-C connector offer unmatched audio quality, complementing the 40MM HD lens that promises crystal-clear visuals. The lens design minimizes distortion and reduces eye strain, a boon for extended VR sessions. The inbuilt touch button simplifies navigation in the virtual world, enhancing the user experience. Compatible with smartphones up to 6.9 inches, it’s a versatile unit for various users

Rating : 5.0

4. Irusu Mini VR with Remote: Compact and Feature-Packed

best budget VR headset in india

The Mini VR stands out with its advanced 42MM HD lenses and a 3-way adjustable head strap for customized comfort. The highlight is the Irusu remote controller, compatible with Android devices (excluding iOS and Samsung Galaxy series). It uses Bluetooth for seamless interaction with VR apps and games. The headset supports mobiles with gyroscope sensors, ranging from 4.7 to 6.69 inches. For the best experience, high-quality videos at 1080p are recommended.  

Rating : 4.7


The world of VR is vast, and finding the right headset can be daunting. Irusu’s range under 3000 offers something for everyone – whether you’re a VR gaming enthusiast or a multimedia aficionado. Each model – the Play VR Plus, Monster VR, Play VR Ultra, and Mini VR – brings unique features to the table, ensuring that your dive into virtual reality is as immersive as it is affordable.

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