Best VR lab set up in India and its benefits in Education

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Virtual reality (VR) has come a long way in a short time. With the advancement in technology, VR in education is being widely used where the School and college classrooms are experiencing a positive shift. 

 The days are gone where the classrooms were only confined to Chalkboards, pencils, and textbooks. The recent evolution towards the school we see today has changed the way of learning of the student by using VR headsets, Chromebooks, tablets, digital boards. 

Hence, for enhancing the learning experience, schools and colleges have to catch up with innovative methods, installing the latest educational technology.  

In this era of digital devices, you have an opportunity to enable better learning with virtual reality labs where it seems to be the natural next step for the evolution of education.

How can you set up the VR labs in the classroom?

x reality lab irusu

Here comes the X-reality lab setup! It is the best VR lab set up in India.
X-reality lab is powered by IRUSU, where we will help you set up a virtual lab with cutting edge technology. We help set up the lab with both the hardware and course material with VR educational apps and headsets.

Using the X-reality lab, you can create your own VR experiences, and use them to engage students creatively. For example, animate biology classes, or bring History class to a life where students experience being present in ancient places.

Why should you consider VR labs in the classroom? 

benefits of VR in education


Because virtual reality will create another level of understanding which will instill curiosity and interactivity among the students, it has the potential to take learning beyond the traditional classroom or online learning.

Here are some of the benefits of Virtual reality in education:

Visualization and experiential learning:

Virtual Reality allows bringing 2D objects to life and makes visualization a reality. VR in engineering, healthcare education, the architecture will help students to design and build digital structures.

 History students could explore ancient ruins. Biology students could easily understand the anatomy in 3D models. It will help with visualization, increasing the connection between the learner and the concept.

Each student has a different pace of learning in different ways. Some are visual learners; others work best with hands-on stimulation or verbal commands. VR education will help bridge the gap between these students.

Increases engagement and Improves Retention:

Students usually memorize for the test and forget soon after. Getting a student to learn from a textbook is a challenge. VR helps teachers mold their lessons in a way that resonates with students. 

With relevant Virtual Reality applications becoming more readily available, teachers have ideas to create real-world experiences about their learning material. Students that are excited about, and engaged in, a lesson are much more likely to retain what they’re taught.

Creates a safe environment and reduces the cost of learning:

Conducting dangerous science experiments in the classroom can be risky. If one sets off an explosion in a lab, VR offers a second chance for correction and helps the student learn from his mistake, something that real life can’t provide.

Schools and colleges continuously have to invest in equipment for their students, such as science lab apparatus, medical appliances. With constraint budgets, this means that the ratio of material to students is often small and all this equipment needs maintaining and updating. 

VR labs allow institutions to scale at a far lower cost. Students can practice biological experiments in virtual reality environments before conducting them for real. These work out to be far more value and space effective than providing the equipment facilities for every student.


There are several ways in which VR is useful in the learning process. It can provide one more instance of working with, or interacting with, a concept.

 It is unlikely that it would replace traditional classroom teaching, but it offers opportunities that may assist and enhance the learning process.

To turn your classroom into a space for VR or AR lessons, Students will need the individual necessary equipment to experience the teachings. 

Don’t worry! All the required types of equipment will be provided by Irusu Technologies for the X-reality lab! If you are interested in having your own VR lab, talk with us here:

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