Top 14 Virtual Reality Games that you can play in 2024

best 14 Oculus Games you can play

Whether you’re outgoing or an introvert, there is no better chance to grab those Oculus Rift or Play Station of yours than now. There’s a reason why VR games are made and it was never emphasized than by being at home on the pandemic. Interacting in a simulated or realistic world has always been exciting. Each upgrade or upcoming release is worth the hype. Now whether you look for a single-player or multiplayer VR game, we’ve hand-picked these top virtual reality games that are fan-recommended and a must-play this 2021 (and some from the recent past)! They are sorted accordingly in alphabetical order because all are equally fun! Let’s begin, shall we?

Were you a fan of Alice in Resident Evil? Do you feel that rush in your stomach while she goes on a venture fighting off monsters from Umbrella Corporation? Well, heads up for this epic VR action which will give you the same adrenaline. There’s nothing more dreadful than to get rid of persistent undead who are ferocious and twisted in the cold. This tells a narrative about LA’s ice-covered ruins during the 1980s, which led to an apocalypse two decades later. Invite three more of your fellows to play this intense world After the Fall.

Up for another apocalyptic action? Join the USFF corporation in reinforcing the one-of-a-kind, building-sized weapon Archangel in reclaiming the world from being Hellfire. Strike the evil site of Mech Replication in all-out wars requiring 1-4 players. Secure your weapons and get ready to aviate in taking the freedom back!

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Strap on your jumpy boots as Captain ASTRO in responding to your bot crew’s call for help from enemies! Rescue them back to your spaceship as you maximize every movement in interacting with your surroundings with a full range of vision. Watch out for huge bosses and overcome this epic adventure. Plus the fun is it is free to play until April 23rd as a part of PlayStation’s At Home campaign.

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Ever wonder how it will be like in Batman’s power armor, wrap in his utility belt and chase the nastiest suspects using the Batmobile? In this VR game, think and take action like the Dark Knight in unfolding the newest Arkham mystery. Be in the shoes of the World’s Greatest Detective as he tries to save his closest allies in Gotham City.

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Did Jedi’s lightsaber amuse you as a weapon during your childhood? If music also amps you up, you must try this immersive gameplay wherein you swing your way in this futuristic world. With the rhythm of music, try to slash the beats coming at you and become a dancing superhero!

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You can now start your dream kitchen and be the ultimate chef of your own, even on lockdown! This realistic simulation of a newly furnished kitchen definitely gives you the appetite. Be ready to slice up, chop and saute to master at least 80+ recipes therein.

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Another immersive gameplay is available on Eye of the Temple: First Steps. Make use of your room space in balancing your way in the steep blocks of the vast temple. Your weapons in this tricky adventure are a couple of torches and whips while dodging traps.

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You know by now that everybody loves puzzles. In Maskmaker, not only will you be a puzzle-solver but also be an apprentice in crafting masks within the game! Unfold the wonders of this magical but mysterious VR adventure and try to unravel the secret to its ruler, Prospero. Now, mask on!

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Want to unfold intriguing revelations and be a part of a family drama? Become a part of the story and find out in this new dimensional Age of Myst! Discover the mysteries in this adventure by solving puzzles while following the narrative on the surreal island.

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Ready to snipe? Dig into the aftermath of the recent Sniper Elite predecessor in the ancient forests, Mediterranean coastal towns, and colossal Nazi buildings of the ever-beautiful Italian land. Be the elite marksman and covert agent Karl Fairburne as he defeats the threats from the grip of Fascism.

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Triumph in the battlefield with these 5v5 multiplayer dogfights along with your squadron. Embody your starfighter character as you aviate and head-on in the first-person view by crushing the opposition. As a team, pilots from the New Republic and Imperial fleets gather to strategize and modify their squadron using weapons, shields, and engines. Ready, set, launch!

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Break out some sweat in this next-level experience of climbing your way to new heights! In this sequel, get ready to transcend in reaching new peaks by climbing without ropes, not to mention the dynamic environment you’ll be in. Reach the top while you get amped up in your trembling knees amidst the city skies or environmental occurrences. While taking the challenge solo is fun, you may take your friends in the new multiplayer feature in Climb 2! So, are you up for it?

If you claim to have familiarized yourself with the struggles of being stuck in traffic, you’d rather not. Because in this wacky VR game, you’ll be tasked to start a career under the self-proclaimed world’s best traffic controller ever! Dennis will be the best bud in this global adventure. While you are to guide rude pedestrians, impatient drivers, and road rage strikes; he will encourage you with his likable attitude and goofy dance moves. You may even invite 4 non-VR friends to join the party mode!

Happy death day because in this single-player VR game, you are to play as a Wraith who tries to uncover your untimely death in a ghost-dreaded mansion of Barclay.In the shoes of the recently dead photographer Ed Miller, solve the mystery of your demise and use your supernatural abilities in uncovering the Mansion’s horror.


Have you seen anything you like yet? There are more intriguing games you may find this year that will let you say “good game, well played!” This list will be updated for you, so be sure to stay tuned. Happy gaming!

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