We are proud to announce that IRUSU has been certified by google carboard cardboard brings an immersive vr experience for a minimum price

with quirky and sleek designs you can customise your cardboard however you wish to do so.with minimalist technology a cardboard has two fine lenses and a dome completely built out of cardboard.

Get Irusu Google Caardboard Bulk with Custamisation

1.our product is eco friendly as it uses very low resources which are non degradable.the dome is completely built of cardboard so no plastic is used

2.with a low cost.everyone can experience virtual reality.our headset is compatible with almost all mobile phones of recent.

3.Google has certified IRUSU.our product has a certified badge  which provies the level of authenticity .this is very essential as there are so many fake cardboards which dont have the required standards.

4.Get Bulk google cardboards with custamisation, you can get your own logo or design printed on Google cardboard at very low cost.

if you wish to purchase our products click on this link  to check out all our vr products

Irusu Google cardboard Bulk

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