vr player app for android and ios mobiles

Vr player  for VR box(headset) :

step inside of virtual reality. experience something that you’ve never felt before.IRUSU has specifically developed virtual reality player (VR player app) to view standard movies and your favorite Youtube videos and optimize them to view on a VR box(headset).

IRUSU VR player app converts 2d images and videos into 3d format and content which is optimized and ready to be viewed on a VR Box(headset). you can also stream live videos in 360 degrees.

This app enables you to also view your favorite movies in VR format. All you have to do is download the movie and play it through our cinema player app. This is a  free to use application and is available on both APPLE Appstore and GOOGLE Playstore.


1.Supports 2D/3D videos and photos

2.supports formats like mono, panoramic, side-by-side etc.

3.Full Dome viewing experience

4.Improved graphic user interface (Gui) for users to have a smooth and seamless experience on our app

5.Recentre screen options and easily navigable options so that user viewing experience is not distracted in any way.

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