Best VR Compatible Vivo Mobiles and Vr Box / VR Headsets in India

Best VR Box compatible with Vivo Mobiles


Virtual Reality (VR) has revolutionized the way we experience digital content. Whether it’s immersive gaming, virtual tours, or interactive educational experiences, VR offers a whole new level of engagement. To fully enjoy the VR experience, it’s crucial to have VR-compatible mobile devices and high-quality VR headsets. In this article, we will explore the best VR-compatible Vivo mobiles and VR box/VR headsets available in India. Let’s dive in and discover the perfect combination for an exceptional VR experience.

Top 4 VR Box / VR Headset compatible with Vivo smartphones in india

best VR Box in india in 2021

Monster VR 

✔️Fully Adjustable lenses
✔️42MM HD Lenses
✔️In Built Touch button
Rating 4.8
best VR headset for redmi mobiles

Irusu Play VR Plus

✔️inbuilt headphones
✔️40MM HD Lenses
✔️In Built Touch button
Rating 4.5
best VR glasses in 2024

Irusu Play VR Ultra 

✔️Fully Adjustable lenses
✔️40MM HD Lenses
✔️In Built Touch button
Rating 4.2
Best virtual reality headset for Redmi mobiles

Irusu Mini VR

✔️Fully Adjustable lenses
✔️42MM HD Lenses
Rating 4.1

Vivo mobile phone list compatible with Irusu vr headset

# Column Heading # Column Heading
1 vivo T2x 2 vivo V27
3 vivo T2 4 vivo V27 Pro
5 vivo Y36 6 vivo Y100
7 vivo X90 5G 8 vivo X90 Pro
9 vivo T2x 6GB RAM 10 vivo T1 44W
11 vivo Y56 12 vivo V25 5G
13 vivo V25 Pro 5G 14 vivo Y16
15 vivo Y20 16 vivo T2x 8GB RAM
17 vivo V29 18 vivo T2 Pro
19 vivo Y200 5G 20 vivo V29 Pro
21 vivo V29 18 vivo T2 Pro
19 vivo Y200 5G 20 vivo V29 Pro
21 vivo V29e 22 vivo T2
23 vivo Y17s 24 vivo V29 Pro

Old Vivo mobiles support vr?

Any Smart Phone that has Gyroscope sensor & which is within the dimensiones of 4.5 to 6.69 -inch will support virtual reality &  is compatible with are all our vr headsets. Below are the list of Vivo Mobiles that support virtual reality.

Vivo vr compatible  Mobiles

# Column heading # Column heading
1  Vivi S9 5G 15  Vivo IQOO Neo 5
2 Vivo X60 Pro 16 Vivo X60 
3 Vivo X50 Pro 17 Vivo X50 
4 Vivo X70 Pro Plus 5G 18 Vivo V20 Pro
5 Vivo Y21 2021 19 Vivo V21 Pro
6 Vivo V21 20 Vivo X6
7 Vivo Y31 21 Vivo X5Pro
8 Vivo Y28 22 Vivo X5Max+
9 Vivo Y27 23 Vivo X5Max Platinum Edition
10 Vivo Xshot 24 Vivo X5
11 Vivo X play 6 25 Vivo X 3S
12 Vivo X play 5 26 Vivo V5
13 Vivo X9 27 Vivo V3Max
14 Vivo X9 Plus 28 Vivo V3
29 Vivo X20 30 Vivo V5 Plus
31 Vivo X20 Plus 32 Vivo X play 7
33 Vivo Y71  
 34 Vivo V9 33 Vivo V9 youth
35 Vivo Z1 36 Vivo Nex A
37 Vivo Nex S 38 Vivo Z1i
39 Vivo Z1X 40 Vivo Y95
41 Vivo Z1 Lite 42 Vivo Z3i
43 Vivo S1 Pro 44  Vivo V15 Pro
45 Vivo Z1 Pro 46   Vivo V17 Neo
47 Vivo iQOO Pro 5G 48 Vivo Z5
49 Vivo iQOO Pro 50  Vivo S1 pro
51 Vivo Z5X 52 Vivo iQOO Neo
53 Vivo X27 Pro 54 Vivo X27
55 Vivo iQOO 56  Vivo V17 pro
57  Vivo V20 58  Vivo Y20
57  Vivo Y20i 58  Vivo X50
57  Vivo 50  pro 58  Vivo Z1 pro
57  Vivo Z1x 58  Vivo Y30
57  Vivo Y50 58  Vivo V19
57  Vivo S1 Pro 58  Coming Soon

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Can I use any Vivo mobile with VR headsets?
–> Yes, most Vivo mobiles can be used with VR headsets. However, to ensure a smooth VR experience, it’s recommended to choose Vivo mobiles screen size 4 inch to 6.9 inch with minimum HD display .

Q2: Do I need a high-end VR headset for Vivo mobiles?
–> While high-end VR headsets can provide a more immersive experience, they are not essential. Irusu VR headsets  that work well with Vivo mobiles and offer a satisfactory VR experience.

Q3: Are Vivo mobiles compatible with popular VR applications and games?
–> Yes, Vivo mobiles are compatible with popular VR applications and games available on platforms like Google Play Store . You can enjoy a wide range of VR content on your Vivo mobile with a compatible VR headset.

Q4: Can I use VR headsets with other smartphones apart from Vivo?
–> Yes, Irusu VR headsets are generally compatible with a wide range of smartphones. However, the performance and compatibility may vary based on the smartphone’s specifications and VR headset’s requirements.

Q6: How do I ensure a comfortable VR experience with Vivo mobiles and VR headsets?
—> To ensure a comfortable VR experience, make sure to adjust the headset’s straps for a snug fit, take regular breaks to avoid discomfort, and choose a well-ventilated environment to prevent overheating.


Immersing yourself in the world of virtual reality has never been easier with the best VR-compatible Vivo mobiles and VR box/VR headsets available in India. Whether you’re a gaming enthusiast or someone seeking interactive experiences, these devices offer exceptional performance and seamless integration for a truly immersive VR journey. Choose the perfect combination that suits your preferences and step into a new dimension of entertainment and exploration.