3d virtual reality headset for mobiles in India

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3D Virtual reality headset in India

Vr headsets are the best products to watch 3D,360 videos and normal videos. In the present world, the 3d virtual reality headsets are being used mostly for playing vr games. In India, very fewer people know about the vr glasses and vr technology.The vr technology is being used in most of the industries like

  • Military
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Entertainment
  • Fashion
  • Business
  • Engineering
  • Sport
  • Media
  • Scientific Visualisation
  • Telecommunications
  • Construction
  • Film
  • Programming Languages

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Before buying any 3d virtual reality headset things to be considered

1. Lenses: First of all you need to check for the lenses whether lenses are of 42MM HD lenses or above 42MM. Lens are the most important feature to be considered, these lenses are the main reason to get an immersive experience.

  • Field Of View (FOV): The viewing angle should be at least 90 degrees. This helps you in giving you theatrical experience.Irusu vr headsets have the best FOV.
  • Wireless Gamepad: For certain apps, you’ll need a wireless remote controller/gamepad. It would be better to buy it along with 3d virtual reality  headset to get that real VR immersive experience.
  • Adjustability: We all have different face structures, so unless the Inter Pupillary Distance (IPD) is adjustable, it would be tough to get the clear quality vision. Also, the usage should be easy.Irusu vr headsets have the adjustability feature.
  • Weight: Choose VR headset with as light weight as possible (preferably less than 350 gm). When used with your smartphone, the weight will increase.
  • Smartphone compatibility: Most of the VR headsets are compatible with any smartphone of size 4.7–6.5 inch.Mobiles which has gyroscope sensor are compatible with VR headsets.For mobiles with 6.5 inches irusu mini vr is the best suitable headset.
  • Headstrap: Irusu VR headset has an adjustable ergonomic head strap which helps you in head tracking while viewing VR/360 degree videos/apps.
  • Look and feel: buy a trendy and smart looking VR device.Irusu vr headsets are trendy and make you feel comfortable.
  • Heat dissipation: Unless there is good ventilation, your smartphone gets heated up fast. Irusu vr headsets comes with good ventilation.It has removable planned.
  • QR code: For viewing VR videos on Youtube, you’ll need a QR code to suit the VR headset.Irusu vr headsets have the QR code.
  • VR app: Irusu vr has its own VR APP ZONE which has all the VR content.Get this app at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.irusu.vrzone

Following are some vr headsets you can buy for your mobiles

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