How to use irusu VR controller with mobile?

Irusu Bluetooth Remote

Operating Instructions

Steps to follow to connect irusu vr controller with Android mobiles

Please insert new AAA batteries into the remote.

Power on:press start button until LED light is on(about 3 seconds) , it is acquiesced in VR mode when the joystick is turned on. Mode switching instruction (please press the mode switching button while pressing the @ button with 3-5 seconds) Mouse Mode: @ +A button

Multi-media mode:@+B button

Little chicken gaming mode: @+X button

Apple iCade mode: @+Y button

Remarks:press @ button with 5 seconds to return back to vr mode,mouse mode will only be effective in Android system, iCade mode will only be effective in Apple facility

Pair and connect: after power on, LED indicator will flash, the joystick will enter into the wireless pair mode.

Use the device to search for the address and name of the joystick(SC- B03-XXXx), click then can be connected.pair and connect successfully,LED indicator will turn off , it can connect and match the last wireless device when next time power on.

Power off:press power button until the LED indicator off(about 5 seconds ) the joystick is off.

the joystick will be off automatically if no connecting with wireless device after 5 mins;joystick will power off after 30 mins if there is no operation.


Game operation and access

 VR mode: 3D broadcast sowing ,Orange VR and others VR app. Multi-media mode:This machine has its own player or download cool dog music, cool music etc.


@ Each mode switch and button function are operated as follow sheet:


Android VR Remote

Remote is Not Compatible With IOS Devices

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  1. What is the list of Mobile phones it supports.I have bought one its going to arrive tomorrow .Does the controller and click buttons support iphone 6s ,iphone7 and samsung M31.

  2. I recently got the Irusu VR controller and I have a Samsung A50 device that I wanted to use it on. The controller connects fine with my android device but the mapping of the buttons is somehow faulty. It doesn’t work according to the controls mentioned on the website. Any suggestions would be really helpful.

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