The definitive guide :how to watch 3d movies in Mobile VR headset in 2021

guide to watch 3d Movies in Virtual Reality headset
Introduction :- This is the best time to get a VR headset if you are planning to watch 3D SBS movies in virtual reality. This blog we will discuss about Mobile VR headsets you can afford to purchase in India for less than 3000 rupees. You can enjoy 3D SBS movies at home and get movie theater experience. Follow these simple steps.
Mobile VR Compatibility

Perfect way to check your mobile is compatible with mobile VR Headsets

  1. Check your mobile screen size is between 4.5 inches to 6.7 inches

  2. Check weather your smartphone has gyroscope sensor 

  3.    Install this app Gyroscope Test  

  4. This app will tell you all details & compatibility

    & you are good to go to buy VR headset for watching Movies 
best way to check Gyroscope sensor In mobile

Best Virtual Reality headsets for watching 3d Movies & Normal Hd movies in 2021

Movies can be very engaging, particularly if you are able to feel like you are in the film. Therefore, a significant portion of the VR viewers use the headsets to view Youtube. So I can tell that many of you are searching for the VR headset to stream films on.

We’ll look at the best VR headsets for 3d movies specially for you. the top VR headsets suitable for 3D films for watching films. We’ll also go over the different features between different types of headsets as well as provide an buying guide. I’ll begin with my top advice, but I’ll also give low-cost alternatives.

best VR Box in india in 2021

Monster VR 2021

✔️Fully Adjustable lenses
✔️42MM HD Lenses
✔️In Built Touch button
Rating 4.8
best VR headset for redmi mobiles

Irusu Play VR Plus

✔️inbuilt headphones
✔️40MM HD Lenses
✔️In Built Touch button
Rating 4.5
best VR Box for redmi mobiles

Irusu Play VR Premium

✔️Fully Adjustable lenses
✔️40MM HD Lenses
✔️In Built Touch button
Rating 4.2
Best virtual reality headset for Redmi mobiles

Irusu Mini VR

✔️Fully Adjustable lenses
✔️42MM HD Lenses
Rating 4.1

Normal Movies :- Best VR cinema player APP for watching VR movies

Well  to watch movies you need a cinema player App which can support different types of video format. 

  • Irusu Cinema player App :- you will  get an immersive virtual reality experience with  Irusu VR Player for VR headset with Spatial Surround sound that gives you a 3D Dolby-like surround sound system. This VR player is great if you want to experience a theater or cinema experience at your home.

 The speciality of this Cinema player is that you don’t need to find VR movies . the normat format movies we can watch in this Player.    

Buy any Irusu VR Headset from the official website & Get a Free Irusu Cinema Player Pro App

Best VR App for watching 3d Movies - SBS Movies

  • VRTV App  :- Watch your favorite 2D and 3D SBS videos in VR with VRTV VR Video Player and a Cardboard compatible headset! VRTV features beautiful virtual environments and is the ONLY VR video player that supports watching together with a friend in full synchronised play.     

Conclusion :- i hope we have covered all the steps which help you to Experience VR Headset & can easily watch your Favorite movie . Still If you have any doubt please comment below i will help you out.

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