How to setup VR Lab for schools & Colleges in India 2022

Best VR Lab in India

VR Lab is an emerging technology on the horizon that will virtually place anyone in any experience desired. It has had a wide acceptance in all walks of life. Virtual reality is an artificial computer-generated environment with hardware and software and presented to the user in such a way that it appears and feels like a real environment. Complex theory can be explained with the help of VR technologies by Visualization and conduct laboratory experiments which are the most effective learning ways.

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Introducing VR Lab Setup by irusu for Schools & Colleges

Irusu provides Computer-based virtual learning environments such as VR laboratories which gives new province in the teaching, learning, and practice of medicine, physical sciences, and engineering, among others. Virtual learning environments provide students with the opportunity to achieve learning goals without some of the mentioned constraints above.
Irusu provides virtual learning environment(VLE) based applications that supplement traditional teaching methods. These learning environments will create greater pedagogical effectiveness on learners.

Issues addressed by Irusu in learning New Technology

Best VR Lab Setup Guide

One of the significant restrictions for learning in science and engineering education is the absence of equipped laboratories. If a laboratory is available, there is always the problem of obsolete and antiquated materials, which are seldom available for use.
There is also the problem of faulty equipment/materials that oftentimes leads to electric shock, which in extreme cases leads to electrocution.Physics/chemical laboratories experimenting with radioactive substances have profound health implications.

Benefits of irusu VR lab setup in schools & colleges

VR Lab Setup In India

Irusu is providing a solution to overcome difficulties by introducing a VR lab setup.
Allows extreme close-up examination of an object and provides observation from a great distance.
Allows the learner to proceed through an experience at his own place.
It is cost-effective, as in the case of the electronics laboratory; students will deface and damage the virtual printed circuit board (VPCB) without actually doing any harm to it.
In addition, dangerous, high cost, and complicated experiments can be realized in a VR system.
There will be no risk of electrocution/electric shock even if there are mistakes made by a student.

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