How to watch virtual reality 3D and 360 videos on youtube

how to watch youtube videos in VR Headset 2022

Youtube 3d and 360 virtual reality videos

Youtube is the best source of finding virtual reality vr 3d and 360 videos.Youtube has started adding immersive vr content.The vr content quality varies greatly we can find the vr content at To capture 360 video manufacturers have developed 360 cameras to record 360 videos.Camera’s like insta360 gives a chance to record high-quality videos.

How to watch VR 360 Videos

You can watch 360 videos directly from your browser on your computer without using any vr headset.While watching the vr content there are different ways to aim your gaze.  On the top-left corner, you can find navigation circle.Using your mouse to navigate lift side or right side and upside or downside. Now coming to the mobile, you can watch 360 videos by just looking around by physically moving your phone or tablet around in all directions.By sitting in rotating chair you can comfortably watch 360 videos.

How to watch vr 360 videos using vr headset

VR headset is a device which is used to watch 360 videos or 3d videos.Viewing vr content in the vr headset gives immersive experience to the user.The VR headsets are manufactured in such a way that you can wear them comfortably and to watch vr content. Follow the steps to watch 360 videos on vr headset  1.Open youtube and search for any 360 video. 2.After you find a vr 360 video you can find an option with three dots on the top-right corner, select that option. 3.After you select that option, a set of options will be displayed on your screen from those option select view in cardboard mode.Once you have selected that option your mobile screen gets split into two parts.Now place your mobile in vr headset and enjoy the immersive vr experience.

How to watch vr 3d videos on vr headset

The steps which we have followed to watch 360 videos same way we need to do for watching 3d videos. But coming for 3d videos we can find two kinds of 3d videos 1.3d side by side videos and 2.Normal 3d videos.You can watch 3d side by side videos directly but for watching 3d side by side you need to follow the steps used to watch 360 videos.        

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