Benefits of Virtual Reality (VR) during the Coronavirus Outbreak

Benefits of Virtual Reality (VR) during the Coronavirus Outbreak

The recent coronavirus outbreak is already affecting the activities of the people in India and around the world. People across the globe suggested staying at home to stop the spread of the virus.

According to the UN Conference on Trade and Development, The corona virus outbreak might cost the global economy $1-2 trillion in 2020. Several business sectors, especially the travel industries, are already affected by the epidemic due to the cancellation of events 

The sad reality is the virus will continue to spread for a while. For this reason, the government and companies have to rethink new ways to ensure better functioning.

At this time, Virtual Reality seems to offer the companies to ensure continued performance.

Earlier Virtual Reality used for gaming and movies, but the capabilities of the virtual reality medium have far stretched from gaming and entertainment. 

The benefits of Virtual Reality in the business sector are:


Due to lockdowns and travel bans, tourism is severely affected. During this crisis, virtual reality can be used to enhance the travel experience and shape the behavior of travelers. 

Using VR headsets, even if it can’t replace the full thing, you can have virtual tours from the comfort of your home. You can feel the sense of being there and can gain the whole travel experience. 

With a simple tool Google earth VR  you can travel to any location of the world using VR headset.

Company Conference and Meetings:

It is challenging to have in-office meetings for companies during the Coronavirus outbreak. Inefficient meetings often lead to a high level of misunderstanding and lack of communication, which can harm the business.

But with VR using virtual meeting rooms, meetings, and conferences will be much more interactive and fun.

One of the essential benefits of the virtual reality is it makes you feel like you are in the same office space together, without the need for travel and better use of time and budgets.

Entertainment Industry:

The fitness and entertainment industry has put on hold on the in-office gym activities and theatres to stop spreading the virus. 

Gaming in VR has a long history, but with VR, the fitness industry can encourage you to play a few hours on gym-related game activities and find yourself burning calories. 

The entertainment industry can enhance the watching experience by intensifying the immersive mode with VR headsets using apps.

One can feel as if she/he is a part of the movie through optimised audio-visual effects and can feel similar to the personal theatre.

Medical Industry:

The fear of spreading the virus is already affecting the minds of people, which is giving them a traumatic experience. 

Doctors could use the help of VR to virtually uplift the moods of patients from anywhere in the world with pleasant experiences.

People could create avatars in virtual treatment and can confront things that make them fearful, in safe and controlled modes without revealing true identity.

Remote Employ Training:

The Coronavirus outbreak has prevented some workers, and employe’s from traveling. With the help of VR training using a VR headset, allows employees to get vital training without having to leave anyone’s place.

VR Training can help lessen the burden of on boarding new employees during the crisis. It will allow the workers to look around in the room and interact with those workers who are online.


Coronavirus has hurt many people and businesses. As of now, VR seems to address some of the issues that arise during the crisis.

Hopefully, the Coronavirus passes soon, and it has minimal impact on lives and business. 

Now companies are capable of using VR in positive ways during the outbreak. For the time being, Follow the social distance, stay at home and stay safe

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