Future of Virtual Reality.

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What is the future of Virtual reality ?

Clearly and loudly, we can say that the future of Virtual Reality is going to be Brighter! Virtual Reality along with Augmented Reality is going to be one of the Mainstream mediums through which we would interact, engage and make things work.

Maybe we can see Virtual Office spaces, World Tourist spots, and well we could be in Space Station, being the POV of the Astronaut who will be doing a spacewalk. Wouldn’t that be cool, certainly YES? But before we get to that topic, There are so many technical and creative challenges that need to be sorted out for that perfect VIRTUAL REALITY experience and well Google cardboard is just a right step in the right direction.

Many feel that Google Cardboard is a Cheap VIRTUAL REALITY experience and doesn’t match that of Oculus. Yes they are right , but if it was not Google cardboard, VIRTUAL REALITY would have been still restricted to very limited people, with very little exposure to the world and in turn the developers who couldn’t have afforded costlier Oculus and thereby would have not made these many VIRTUAL REALITY Apps that are available in bundle right now.


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