Our Journey so far….

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Our Journey so far

Its been a year since IRUSU has ventured into making VR headsets inspired by Google Cardboard and we at TEAM IRUSU want to share our insights into the journey so far!

Google Cardboard was exciting to start with , just because of only one reason.

It is CHEAP on your wallet and RICH on the experience.

This one thing got us going, even we know that it’s not going to be enough when compared with the likes of Oculus.

We started as the first Company in India to manufacture the VR headsets and started selling on e-commerce sites like Amazon India. We were so excited as we ourselves have done lots of R n D into Augmented Reality and were about to launch our products, but suddenly everything got changed.

We never thought it would be so viral, people started recommending their friends after buying our product and soon, it went from one to, then to 10s, 100s, and 1000s. In between, we have tried so many options in making the Cardboard experience as better as we can within the limitations that it has to offer and we think we have done a decent job.

We had to learn so many things, right from the Optics to gyroscopes and accelerometers, to better understand the nuances that are associated with the google cardboard and in turn, have tried to educate our buyers on the same.

Now we can proudly say that we are the leading B2B VR headset providers in India with Clients ranging from Star Sports, Nestle India, Nestle Srilanka, Future Retail, McCann Healthcare, Commonfloor, and others.

Irusu has also developed the first Virtual Reality Sports App in India for ProKabaddi for Star Sports along with providing 5000 headsets for the game and still counting on.

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