Watch IPL 2022 live in VR ?

ipl 2021 live streaming in VR

How to watch IPL 2022 live in VR on a mobile phone?

  The much awaited and India’s largest sporting event is IPL 2021.14th Version of IPL 2021 to Operate According to Program; Matches in Mumbai Allowed with Limitations and it is going to be even bigger than before as it can be viewed on virtual reality(VR) headsets in 360 degrees.

Now everyone can enjoy the IPL 2021 in complete 360 degrees by using the vr headset devices. Even this year start india owned hot star as an exclusive streaming partner for the IPL 2021.Hot star is broadcasting IPL 2021 live in a 360-degree view.

Video source from Business Today youtube channel.

Hotstar is available on all major platforms for downloading and for viewing

watch ipl live 2020 on your VR headsets

The major platforms are Android, Disney+ Hotstar, and Amazon’s Fire Stick, as well as the Jio TV, and you can stream the matches on the web.To get unlimited access to the service’s catalog, along with live sporting action  existing subscribers of Disney+ Hotstar VIP—Rs 399 for 12 months—and Disney+ Hotstar Premium—Rs 1,499 for 12 months—will be able to watch the IPL matches live.

Watch IPL 2021 highlights in VR from Youtube?


Step 1: Open IPL 2021 match highlights on youtube.

Best VR Headset to watch IPL Live


 Step 2: Click on the 3 dots that appear on the video.

Step 3: Click on quality and select the highest quality  (1080P minimum )

VR Mode for IPL Live

Step 4: Click on Watch in VR option and place the mobile in Irusu VR Headset. ( Buy Best VR Headset )

 Note: – This option is only available in VR supported  mobiles (Check you Mobile is compatible with VR Headsets)

Step 5: Use the touch button to recenter the video. 

How to watch live cricket in VR headset in SBS mode.

Watch live ipl match in vr on mobile phone

Now you can watch live cricket in VR headset in side by side mode on the mobiles which have the inbuilt VR mode.

Most of the Lenovo mobiles have the inbuilt VR mode feature

Follow the steps to watch IPL  Live 2021 cricket match in vr headsets in SBS mode on Lenovo mobiles

Step 1> Go to settings

Step 2> In settings select the Feature option

Step 3> In Feature section you can find VR mode Switch, select the VR mode switch and turn ON the VR mode.

Step 4> Now open the Hotstar app and select the live streaming of IPL 2021 .

Step 5> Now long press the power button and few options will be displayed on your screen among those options select the VR mode.

Step 6> Now you can place the mobile in the vr headset and can enjoy the live streaming in VR SBS mode.

Note: To get the better VR Experience watch the videos at the High quality(1080p).

In the same way, you may watch any video on Lenovo mobiles which has inbuilt VR mode.

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