VR Box headset price in India with remote 2023

Best VR Box in india at best price

IRUSU VR Box Price in India:

IRUSU offers a wide range of Best VR Box  headsets in india for different price points. Our flagship product IRUSU PLAY VR PLUS is the most advanced VR headset in our catalog. It comes with fully adjustable lenses and a complete visual and audio treat which gives users a complete VR experience.

Irusu also offers Monster VR which comes with HD lenses and inbuilt touch buttons to help users navigate through different apps and videos with ease.

For users who are getting into VR technology for the first time and have a tight budget, you can check out our mini VR which comes at an optimal price and gives you a reasonable VR experience for first-timers

Irusu 3d VR Box glasses are available at a very affordable price. These VR headsets can be used with all the mobiles which consist of 4.7 inches screen to 6.69(170mmx80mmx12mm) inches screen mobile and mobile should have a gyroscope sensor. You can check out our products on different websites.

List of top 4 VR Headset in India 2023

best VR Box in india in 2021

Monster VR 2021

✔️Fully Adjustable lenses
✔️42MM HD Lenses
✔️In Built Touch button
Rating 4.8
best VR headset for redmi mobiles

Irusu Play VR Plus

✔️inbuilt headphones
✔️40MM HD Lenses
✔️In Built Touch button
Rating 4.5
best VR Box for redmi mobiles

Irusu Play VR 2020

✔️Fully Adjustable lenses
✔️40MM HD Lenses
✔️In Built Touch button
Rating 4.2
Best virtual reality headset for Redmi mobiles

Irusu Mini VR

✔️Fully Adjustable lenses
✔️42MM HD Lenses
Rating 4.1

Irusu company is the leading VR headset sellers in India and only Google certified VR cardboard Manufacturer. We provide customized branding option on  VR cardboard and VR Headsets.We can ship the bulk orders any where in the world. We offer a best price when compared to other manufactures.  We have a huge client base in India. 

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